In memory of Jane Powell

Starring Howard Kyle, Jane Powell, Rush Tamblin, Jeff Richards, Tommy Raul, Julie Newmer, Ruta Lee, Ian Wolf, Mark Platt, Matt Mattux, Jack de Ambois, Nancy Kilgas, Betty Carr, Virginia Gibson, Norma Dougget

Set in 1850, Millie (Powell) agreed to marry Adam Pontipi (Kill) after meeting him. Millie rarely knows that six more men live with Adam in the Oregon backwoods and he is treated like a glorious householder instead of a wife. But Millie treats the brothers with respect and respect. When Millie thinks they all need to get married and have their own home, Adam takes matters into his own hands and kidnaps six women to marry his brothers.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer was making two major musical films at the same time: Brigdun and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, thinking that Brigdun would be more successful between the two. To everyone’s surprise, Seven Brides was the best sleeper of the year.

With its toe tapping songs and exciting acrobatic dance numbers, it is an exciting and lively musical instrument.

With the success of Seven Brides, stars Jane Powell and Howard Kill were at the top of their careers and the future looked bright. However, Powell’s career did not reach the heights he hoped it would be after the film.

“1954 was a whirlwind year. I was optimistic about the future, but I didn’t know how quickly I would be like myself without the support of MGM. I didn’t know very soon, no one would want me,” Powell wrote in his autobiography. When I was working on Brides for Seven Brides, I had no idea that Millie, the charming and intelligent pioneer girl, would be my last really great role in the film. “

He later said that he did not leave the film, they left him.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, one of MGM’s top films, the studio began to move away from the intrusion of huge musical instruments and dropped some of their successful contracted players like Jane Powell.

Although the future of this film is bleak, Seven Brides is still very funny.

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