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As an artist, you connect with fans through the music you create, the experiences you create, and your conversations with them – these interactions happen in IRL or virtually. And while posting on social media is a great way to engage fans, you still need a way to talk to them that goes beyond comments and answers. A way to be more interactive, organic and engaging in real time.

Launching a new live audio app from Greenroom, Spotify that allows artists and other creators to connect with fans, followers and friends in the moment. Going directly to the greenroom means a place of conversation that artists can control; When you host a room you will have the ability to moderate, choose speakers, set the tone and topic of discussion as well as record audio. Greenroom also gives you the ability to surprise and delight your fans by popping up in conversations. (And, since it’s only for audio, you never have to worry about getting the camera ready.) Greenroom offers fans the opportunity to build a high-engaging audience who are passionate about artists, their music, and vision. They have.

When we launch this new space, we want to support the growth of creators in Greenroom – which is why we are announcing the Greenroom Creator Fund. With funds, you can earn money to create compelling live content and build your community in the greenroom. Manufacturers ’payments are primarily based on your use of live content and how many people are tuning into your room. You can learn more about the fund and register to be eligible Here.

Interested in getting started, but need some ideas? No worries আমরা we’ve got some ter-starters on how artists can use the greenroom:

Talk about your new release

Fans want context for your music and who would give it to them better than you? After the new music is released, arrange a discussion to give the greenroom a background; Talk about the meaning of your song, the source of the song ideas and your recording process. And since it can be a real-time, two-way conversation you can ask fans which songs resonate with them the most, and even use that direct feedback to let them know your next live set, choose your next single or video and more. Do it!

Host a later party

You’ve just hosted a live show or virtual event and you want to communicate with fans outside of an ‘n’ greeting range to talk about experiences, answer questions, or just show them and / or show your appreciation for tuning through Greenroom. Can create a space for that purpose. You can even invite your fans on stage with you. Remember it is your party and you can choose the way you want to go.

Introduce your crew

Being a successful artist requires collaboration and teamwork, which means recording, touring or promoting your music. Why not introduce your fans through Greenroom to all the collaborators and helpful hands in your world? Gather in the room with your team and ask field questions from fans to give them an intimate look at how magic is created, deepening their connection to you, your story and your music.

Take a deep dive into your discography

You know the story of your evolution as an artist but your fans may not – especially newcomers. Using Greenroom, you can deepen your audience’s connection to your music by discussing one track or project at a time in your catalog. Tell stories about how this music came about, what made it special, and how it made it alive for your fans through your conversations. One of your “old” tracks can only become a fan’s new favorite.

Chat with other manufacturers

Networking is the key to a successful creator’s career. With Greenroom, you can host or join conversations to share valuable insights with your colleagues, talk about the subtleties of creation, exchange business tips, and more. Collaborative venues with other producers will bring your fans together with them so that it introduces itself to a new audience.

This is just the beginning for Greenroom – we can’t wait to share more in the coming months. Ready to try it? Download the app and get started in Greenroom today Here.

* Interested in learning more? Watch for our record post Here. *

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