#MusicMonday Review – May 2021

#Music Monday That’s the hashtag I’ve been using for quite some time to share music recommendations from artists. Always fresh, and always different, they try to look for trends before they become one. You can check April review For more music.

The lifting songs fill most of this month’s selection. From a wide array of music styles, and locations, let’s listen, with a word of the artists themselves. 3

KASED – Tuned

Now everything can be better

Now I see everything inspiring

This place has changed me

Today I already remember my reason

And it is deeper than my insights

I will escape from this place

Starting point: Guadalajara, Mexico. Although the track begins quietly to set the mood, it quickly begins to become a full rock song:

“We were adamant that we wanted to express the feeling that we were not moving forward in our lives because we had not found our purpose, and the feeling of being stuck in a tunnel was the perfect analogy, since progress was not clear.

Goldenly we wanted to be the opposite, and it’s not a frustrating song, but rather relatively happy. “

spotify: Track: 49RaMrvxCvzDgrw0D91zWI: Small

Caoilfhionn Rose – Blooming

caoilfhionn.jpgA lot to imagine
There is so much to understand
If it is too complicated
If it doesn’t go to plan

Let it flow away
Let it turn back
Let it slip
‘Until it can grow a little more

Speaking of moving forward, this track from Manchester, UK. Artist Caoilfhionn Rose (pronounced Keelin) continues it with her mysterious Foki Vibe:

“It started out as a very different and quiet-sounding guitar song. I wrote it a while ago, especially it’s hard to remember what inspired the song but it’s to feel optimistic and let things express themselves.”

spotify: track: 3KkuVTcGRxyt65F5N9Mz74: Small

La Moros – My people are like that

lamoros.jpgFill yourself with love

Lose your fear

Get out for a walk

Come breathe life

Recharge from the air

Wound healing

From Kukuta, Colombia, the inspirational music comes in pure Latin pop style:

So do my people It was created out of my desire to build a better inner world, from recognition of the importance of walking to my best version as a human being, from freedom of breathing, from exploring my senses and improving my heart, from being able to fill the shadow of light . The chemistry of transforming darkness into light. “

spotify: track: 0qxFKzVXtTN94vPNJrlwFn: small

Athena Andreas – Broken Friend


I have lost my faith

On top of that hill, it played safely

Then I lost my name

My face, my arrogance was nothing

We all looked the same

When I started to get down

I found that happy broken friend

You said love.

From London, England, another inspirational song with a dreamy atmosphere, benefited from using strings to highlight the voice:

“It was inspired by Leonard Cohen and his journey as a monk; I imagine that after 10 years of meditating on Mount Boldi, he could come down the hill and join the” world “again. What’s most important?”

spotify: Track: 3nqgUwxjBR0UHXtDuUfRpU: Small

The Soye – Sunshine Seeker

We are looking for sunlight,

We live just to see.
All you need is your sleeve

What you believe is just a dream

And that’s okay

Travel is considered an uplifting experience. If so, we travel to Liverpool for our cool indie rock songs to show us the way:

“Just the idea of ​​running away from a partner but don’t forget that you have to leave home to become who you are.”

spotify: track: 2cgv1ZQciG3DUzHE6NEOaH: short

We claim parachute – 151

wdp.jpgThey are scattered throughout
My thing in the yard
She is a summer girl
Coke and 151

I’m involved
I don’t want to be a part of it
We need to talk
Can we meet and move on?

Across the ocean from Boston, MA, this pop punk-influenced track brings a provocative mood to reflect on past relationships:

“151 is obviously an analogy for all of our girlfriends that we’ve each had personally in the past that weren’t exactly good! The story actually collects different anecdotes from all of us! We think we were all in a relationship that was just bad news! I look back at the summer girls!

The track is really musically really fast. I (Kevin) had just returned home from the Army and we as a group had put off a week of rehearsals to write and figure out some current projects. The day before the rehearsal I wrote the original hook and sent it to the boys and they loved it! We just started working and actually finished writing the track and then tracked the whole thing in about two days! We recorded all the drums and guitars in the extra bedroom of my house! “

spotify: track: 1tRwkTbVK9gXEhAUG24lUa: short

Highline – stay tuned


You relax in thought

That i got you

Because I always do

Sydney, Australia is home to this indie rock track that won’t let you go, even if you need to:

“Sam is supposed to stay in San after the relationship breaks up. It’s about taking care of that person even though they’re no longer together and identifying that you actually have to put yourself first.”

SpotFi: Track: 2q5WG89SBG2I0oZA58HRfY: Small

R. Missing – Crimeless (KVB Remix)


After you tell me
I used to come every Sunday
After you show me
I used to come every day

I don’t miss your kind
Don’t miss your kindness
It was even worse when we were innocent

Already a great New York style synth song, this remix enhances it with a minimal bass groove:

“Crimeless was inspired by the interaction of strangers in a distant metropolis …

It started as part of a simple conversation and then turned into something more complex (cold, dark). “

spotify: track: 68NIzLuBzWZWP780BQDBu1: Small

Listen to them and more in the full playlist

spotify: User: osornios: Playlist: 2IYRLjcwf2X9vC0QrI0b0P

See you next month!

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