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One of our values ​​is hall Inclusion: No one should be overlooked or heard. We believe in celebrating each person’s unique talents, interests and backgrounds. June is a proud month so there is no better time to celebrate it! Let’s tune in to Pride FM and take the music!

Spotify has been proud of the campaign for many years, such as: ‘Unlike Any Other’ (2020) or ‘#PressPlayForPride’ (2016) and we had several threads over the years in the Spotify community where we share music and podcasts about pride.

LGBTQIA + – As part of the community, many creators are sharing their stories on Spotify via music and podcasts. Let’s leave it to music and podcasts with a combination of LGBTQIA + people, picked up by people from the Spotify community.

‘What’s up?’ By 4 Non Blondes

We’ll tell you what’s going on! This iconic track by an all-female band with a lesbian lead singer is used in lots of shows, movies and commercials (like Sense8, aterKaterina!) And really becomes a proud music. This song is a real classic that has been with us for decades.

#queerAF (podcast)

This award-winning podcast is to share inspirational LGBTQIA + stories, experiences and more. Listen to loads of positivity and fun hosted by Jamie Wareham.

Super model (you work well) By Silver

All RPDR (Rupaul’s Drag Race) fans must recognize this! Rupel is a real icon in the LGBTQIA + community and means a lot to drug queens around the world. The track has been one of his first songs since 1992 to reach mainstream audiences.

LGBTQ & A (podcast)

This podcast features interviews with some of the most interesting comedians from around the world! Everything you can come up with is chatted here, a safe place to discuss everything.

Never stop celebrating!

And … arrogance doesn’t stop there. This thread contains only a few tracks and podcasts that are out there. There is so much more to celebrate and discover. See more pride through music and podcasts!

Share yours Pride playlist, track or podcast In one of these threads:

Gay Pride Party Playlist

LGBT Pride Playlist

… or start your own Pride thread!

Check out Spotify Community Pride-Playlist We created:

Discover more LGBTQIA + powerful music, Stories and podcasts Upstairs Pride-hub.

Wishing you a great glorious month filled with so much love,

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