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Hailey Kyoko She is not ashamed to share – be it in music or in conversation – so her episode is full of reality. Hailey is releasing records for the best part of a decade, really making her progress with 2015 “Girls like girls” And reinforced the buzz with his 2018 debut album Expectations. Fast forward to 2021 and a lot has happened. He has been anointed Lesbian Jesus By his fans, he has dealt with a serious anxiety and depression, he has traveled the country, and has become a true pillar of the queer community. Hailey is currently teasing us like a new track “Found my friends” And “Probability” From her upcoming second album.

Notably, despite millions of genres and millions of strong fans, Hailey still considers herself a budding artist and reveals how she deals with her art: with a fierce determination. When he hears the word no, he pivots. In this episode he discusses tour tips, health and mental health, the importance of nurturing your fanbase and the power of honesty in the industry. His do-it-yourself, break-even-brass-tax attitude is always inspiring.

Listen to Hailey’s episode, see some of her important ways below.

Highlights from Hailey Kyoko’s Best Advice episode

Build your vision and build a team of people you truly love

The first challenge is to have a vision, to know what you want. And then the second challenge is, how do I find people who have a common interest, or want to see perspectives and want to believe in visions in reality and support vision. There is nothing better than working with the people you love. Everyone’s top goal like this should be: being able to live with the people you love. Whatever the financial success. It’s just being able to get those journeys and those stories and smiles and those moments. This is life.

The process of proving yourself is ongoing

The main challenge for me is to prove my worth and my existence is important and it is vital and an urgent need of it. [It’s about proving myself to] That is financing you. For example, this would be my label. They are very helpful, but they also have the power in the sense that they move, we can give it to you to finance what you want to release. And a lot of times, it’s not an ideal situation, which was basically my whole career, until you know, Bruno Mars or someone on a level, where you’ll be able to prove your worth through numbers. I’ve never really been a number artist, I’ve always been a human artist, a heart artist, someone with whom people really connect. And I’m still growing. The price at the moment is valuable in many different ways and as an artist, it is very challenging to navigate.

Don’t let the idea of ​​perfection get you stuck

The best thing about not knowing what to do is to do it. You can’t wait to find the perfect manager, you can’t wait to find the perfect team. You just have to do it. And once your product is done, take it out.

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