The most confusing parts of Disney Genie are told

FastPass + and MaxPass times are over, for example Disney’s new Genie feature will arrive at Disney World and Disneyland!

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And, there is a lot to break down when it comes to the new vacation planning feature, as the system is quite confusing. Don’t worry, though! Here are the most important questions about how Disney Genie works.

What is the difference between Genie and Genie +?

Disney Genie is a FREE service thatT available to guests from their mobile devices that has multiple features such as planning, booking, travel and experience recommendations, mobile ordering options and more. However, Disney Genie + is a paid service, on the other hand, that gives access to Lightning Lane, audio experiences, PhotoPass and other photography opportunities.

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The Disney Genie + option is similar to the previous FastPass and MaxPass options that were in the parks, but will be their official replacement. Guests will be able to pay $ 20 per day, per ticket (and guest) to Disneyland and $ 15 per day, per ticket (and guest) to Disney World. If guests have Park Hopper tickets, they can still use the Disney Genie + features at the multiple parks they visit.

Here are the differences between Genie and Genie +

What is Lightning Lane?

While it may have a new name, Lightning Lane is a lot similar to MaxPass and the previous version of FastPass. Guests can book their Lightning Lane reservations for one trip at a time, allowing them to skip the standby mode on a separate line. After scanning this trip with your Lightning Lane pass, you will be able to book the next one. Guests can book as many Lightning Lane steps as they want throughout the day (one at a time, of course) as long as there is availability.

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Many of the park’s attractions will be included in the Lightning Lane option with over 15 attractions at Disneyland and over 40 attractions at Disney World. However, not all attractions will have the Lightning Lane option (more details below). Here are just a few of the trips Disney announced during a media call so far:

  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
  • Millennial hawk: smuggling currents
  • Enchanted mansion

Break down Disney Genie in the simplest way possible

What is the selection of individual attractions?

Although there is the cost of access to Lightning Lane, certain popular attractions will NOT be available through Disney +. Instead, these “individual attraction selections” will have to be paid for separately. At this time, we are not sure if these attractions will have a higher price level in Genie + or if they will get an official name outside of “Selections of Individual Attractions”. However, customers could see an increase in the prices of these attractions, depending on the occupancy of these popular attractions.

Slingers WEB entry

Guests will be able to purchase up to 2 selections for these specific popular attractions each day. Disney has referred to that some of the attractions included in the individual paid version are:

  • Seven dwarf mine train to Magic Kingdom
  • Rise of the Resistance at Disney Studios Hollywood in Hollywood
  • Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure at EPCOT
  • Radiator Springs Racers at Disney California Adventure
  • WEB Slingers at Disney California Adventure

Learn more about selecting paid attractions here.

What else comes with Disney Genie +?

The Disney World version of Disney Genie + will have the augmented reality lenses PhotoPass, while the Disneyland version will have unlimited downloads of PhotoPass for the day included in the cost. In addition, you will even have special audio experiences that will appear in the parks with details about attractions, Imagineers reviews and additional information.


5 most important Disney Genie features

Can you still use hold lines?

Yes, there are still waiting lines available. Lightning Lanes and individual attraction selections are an extra pay feature that are not required to mount your favorite attractions. However, they can help you with shorter lines during peak hours of the day.

Peter Pan’s flight

We are answering your most important questions about Disney Genie.

How and when can attractions be booked?

Much like MaxPass, guests will need to book their travel options once in the parks. Therefore, this means that there are no more advance bookings before your vacation. Guests purchasing Disney Genie + at Disney World will be able to book attractions one at a time from 7 a.m. before the park opens. However, this is not the case for all routes, as some trips may not be available until the actual park openings.

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Disneyland guests can book their travel options through Disney Genie + when they are at the park during the day. Guests with Park Hoppers can also book Lightning Lanes at several parks at once.

How Disney Genie + compares to MaxPass

What are the benefits to Disney Hotel guests?

Guests of the Disney World Hotel will be able to purchase their selections of individual attractions at 7 a.m. if they stay at proprietary and operational Disney hotels, the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin or the Shadows of the Green. The rest of the guests will have to wait to choose until the parks open for the day.

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort

This is how Genie will work for hotel guests.

How does using Disney Genie as a headline work?

Disney Genie will be available to everyone, including annual subscribers to Disney World and Magic Keyholder to Disneyland. But they will have to buy Disney Genie + like other guests to book attractions starting at 7 p.m. Right now, Disney is studying possible Disney Genie discounts and benefits for shareholders and key holders.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

This is how Genie will work for shareholders.

Can you do something before your vacation?

Guests can purchase the Disney Genie + option prior to their trip (but do not book their Lightning Lanes or individual attraction selections). However, guests will need to purchase them throughout their stay with tickets or holiday packages, if they are made in advance.

FastPass + is being replaced by new Lightning Lanes

How Disney Genie will help you plan your vacation

While there are still unannounced details about Disney Genie, the feature has benefits that will come in handy for your vacation. The inability to make reservations in advance makes attractions a fair game for everyone, as they will have to be made on the day of the parks. Even if you decide not to play Genie +, the free version of the Genie service will be useful for your planning, reservations, waiting times, recommendations, and beyond.

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When more details about Disney Genie are revealed, we’ll be sure to let you know everything you need to know. Stay tuned to All Ears for the latest Disney news and entertainment.

The only major dining change that could be maintained at Disney parks.

What do you think of Disney Genie? Let us know in the comments below.

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