50th anniversary snacks (including GIANT lollipops) are now available at Disney World

Disney World’s 50th anniversary is starting to take over the parks.

Let’s celebrate!

We have already seen many statues of golden characters, decorations around Cinderella Castle and new layers of transport. This morning, MANY new 50th anniversary merchandise has arrived in Magic Kingdom at the Emporium gift shop. I some of the things look good enough to eat!

Among Minnie’s new ears, needles, stuffed animals and other celebration products at the Emporium, we found some snacks packaged with a 50th anniversary theme. First, there were the 50th popcorn!


These sweet popcorn has a color that matches the EARidescent 50 theme, with vivid colors of blue, purple and pink. It closes with a gold ribbon and has the number 50 logo on the front. You can get a package of 8 oz for $ 6.99 at the Emporium.

All popcorn

Also, in case you missed it, there is now a new box of 50th anniversary popcorn available in the Magic Kingdom, and what if you eat all the salted popcorn and refill it with these sweets popcorn packaged for dessert? It’s a 50th popcorn overload.

Box of 50th Anniversary Popcorn

It is also available at the Emporium Joffrey’s 50th Birthday Coffee Mix. Joffrey’s is the coffee you can see at the stands of Disney World parks.

Joffrey’s mix

This mixture comes from “the Cerrado region in Brazil, Santa Barbara in Honduras and the central valley of Costa Rica.” It has notes of blueberry, black cherry and a touch of lemon in the dark mixture.

Joffrey’s 50th birthday mix

This is the perfect mix to use in your Disney mug collection, included the brand new 50th anniversary cup we saw in the Emporium.

50th anniversary fee

You can get a bag from Joffrey’s 50th birthday mix $ 13.99 at the Emporium. Last but not least (and certainly not the smallest) is this giant 50th anniversary lollipop.

50 Lollipop

This great gift is a pound and a half of Tutti-Frutti candies, with swirls of pink, blue and gold.


Really, this is as big as our faces. How many licks does it take to get to the center of this lollipop? Well, when it’s over, the 50th celebrations of a year and a half may end. The front wrapper is covered with images of Disney characters on their 50th anniversary.


You can buy this lollipop at the Emporium for $ 30. This is pretty expensive for a lollipop, but it can be your dessert for the next thousand meals you eat, so you’re really planning ahead. 😉

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What new snack do you want to try? Let us know in the comments.

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