Best Period Drama TV Show on Netflix in 2021

Netflix is ​​currently hosting some of the greatest period drama TV shows around the world. Below, we’ll take you through one of our favorite period dramas on Netflix, be it the English language series or some of the best international period dramas currently available.

For lists of more period dramas with a wide range of multiple streaming services, our friends at Willow and Thatch are resources for this genre.

Note: This list should have mostly global releases but we have identified titles where they are only available in a limited area.

The best English language period drama show on Netflix

Downton Abbey

Netflix availability: Global Licensed Series
You are available: 6 (52 episodes)
Acting: Hugh Boneville, Jessica Brown Findley, Laura Carmichael, Jim Carter, Brendon Coyle

Downton Abbey Netflix Period Drama

Perhaps the most impressive period drama series of the last decade or two is Downton Abbey, the British series that aired on ITV in the UK and PBS in the US.

The series takes place in the early 1900s following an elite family and drama in between. It tracks huge events in history, such as the Spanish Epidemic, World War I, and the sinking of the Titanic.

The show airs on Netflix around the world throughout 2021 and instantly sees its popularity. Some regions are currently streaming follow-up movies that were also released in 2019.

The crown

Netflix availability: Global Netflix Original
You are available: 4 asons tu (40 episodes)
Acting: Claire Foy, Matt Smith, Vanessa Kirby, Eileen Atkins, Olivia Coleman, Tobias Menzies, Helena Bonham Carter, Ben Daniels

The Crown Period Drama Netflix

Netflix’s Prize Beloved, Crown, It is probably one of the most luxurious drama productions in history.

The series takes you decades through the reign of the current Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.

The crown Her third cast is currently changing as another new era enters for Queen Elizabeth. It has been renewed for the 5th season which is likely to be released in 2022 and the 6th and final season in 2023.

English games

Netflix availability: Global Netflix Original
You are available: Limited Series (Episode 6)
Acting: Edward Holcroft, Kevin Guthrie, Charlotte Hope, Niamh Walsh

English game Netflix

Covering what the 20th Strange British got, we moved on English games Which includes how modern-day football came to be.

Although the content is probably limited, if you are not a football superfan, clothing and writing will definitely keep you engrossed.

The series comes from Julian Fellows who are behind Downton Abbey Which we showed a little earlier.


Netflix availability: Select Netflix regions, including the United States, Spain, India, Italy, Latin American, and Asia.
You are available: 3
Acting: George Blagden, Alexander Vlahos, Tig Runian, Stuart Bowman, Amira Kaiser

Versailles Netflix

There may be an argument for including this period drama in the international section because it is a huge multilingual show that airs in multiple countries around the world.

Back in 1667, the series covers what happened when the French aristocracy (upper class) began to revolt against the monarchy. Although the series has not been able to maintain its quality (season 2 has dropped significantly) it is still an interesting watch.


Netflix availability: Global Netflix Original
You are available: Season 1 (Episode 8)
Acting: Adjoya Andoh, Lauren Ashbourne, Jonathan Bailey, Ruby Barker, Sabrina Bartlett, Harriet Keynes, Bessie Carter

Bridgeton Period Drama Netflix

This Regency-era period drama currently carries the label of the most-watched series on Netflix in the first 28 days of release and follows the elite Bridgeton Family.

Although it weaves in and out of real-world events and contains real-world statistics, the series exists in “alternative history”.

The series is based on a book by Julia Quinn and adapted from Netflix by Chris Van Dussen and Shanda Rimes.

Season 2 is on the way to spin-off and more already confirmed.


Netflix availability: United States only
You are available: 4 asons tu (78 episodes)
Acting: Adelaide Kane, Megan Floss, Terence Coombs, Toby Regbo, Janessa Grant

Kingdom Netflix

This period drama was originally aired on The CW and wanted to talk about the rise of Mary the Queen of Scots.

Unfortunately The CW has other flaws displayed by the show but the number of episodes and it still got good reviews on IMDB, this is definitely one of the very few to try.

Kingdom Netflix will not last forever. In fact, according to our calculations, you only have until September 2022 to visit.

Queen’s Gambit

Netflix availability: Global Netflix Original
You are available: Limited Series (Episode 7)
Acting: Anya Taylor-Joy, Bill Camp, Moses Ingram, Isla Johnston, Christian Siddle, Rebecca Root, Chloe Perry

Queens Gambit Netflix

The list of our English language period drama series is one of the most decorated limited series in the history of Netflix.

Starring Anna Taylor-Joy, we follow a young woman’s journey into the world of competitive chess. It’s brilliantly produced and tops Netflix’s list of the best limited series.

The best international period drama series on Netflix

The far sea

Netflix availability: Global Netflix Original
You are available: 3 (Episode 22 available)
Acting: Ivana Bakero, Alejandra Oniva, John Cortazarena, Eloy Azorin
Language: Spanish

Hi Sys Netflix

Among the many Spanish period dramas that have hit Netflix over the years is High Sis, a mystery thrilling luxury ocean liner where one death after another occurs. It was set in the late 1940s and was enjoyed around the world.

A fourth season on Netflix was planned but canceled but it will not affect the ability to complete and enjoy the series as it will end with a strong enough conclusion.

Babylon Berlin

Netflix availability: Netflix USA, Canada and Australia
You are available: 3 asons tu (episode 28)
Acting: Volker Bruch, Liv Lisa Fries, Peter Kurth, Matthias Brandt, Leonie Benesch
Language: German

Babylon Berlin Netflix Period Drama

Not only is Babylon Berlin a great period drama, it is probably one of Netflix’s most infamous international titles today.

The series, set in Germany during the Weimar Republic in the late 1920s, follows a police inspector to recruit in Cologne.

The series will premiere in 2022 in its fourth season.

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