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Since the launch of Spotify for Artists, we have spent all our energy on building tools and resources to help artists and their teams succeed in music. And whatever your personal definition of success, one thing across the board is true – fans make it possible.

That’s why we’ve brought you in for the first time in the last few months by analyzing Spotify’s data, data, millions of statistics and touchpoints, and studying global trends. Fan study – A collection of 15 new insights on how fans listen to music and connect with artists around the world. Each insight is associated with a specific action that you and your team can take to increase your fanbase. Not just in Spotify, but across the music industry, on social media, in emerging media and beyond.

Our vision at Spotify for Artists is for a music industry that puts effective information and powerful tools directly into the hands of artists and their teams, so they have control over their fanbase and career growth. This fan study can help insight artists better craft their techniques for Spotify for Artists. Features Like Playlist pitching, Marquee, Canvas, Promo card – And beyond.

Ever wonder which market is most likely to hear new music and new artists? As it turns out it’s Latin American, and It’s not even close. The top three cities with the most flow of new content are Sao Paulo, Santiago and Mexico City.

Ever wonder why it’s so important to encourage your fans to add your tracks to their playlists? Well, after an audience has added your track to their personal playlist, they will listen to you 41% more, See 12% more of your profile, and make 60% of all your product purchases.

A bunch of CDs still lying around and curious who are still buying them? You may want to try The birds of fairy tales are special (City, no Beautiful and talented French boys).

The fan study is organized into four chapters: whether you are interested in expanding yours ReachMake your fans deeper Engagement, Make more noise around your next Release, Or learning how you can move further Merchant, You will get interactive insights designed to help you get closer to reaching your goals. And it’s the same for artists, managers, music marketers and label executives. We designed Fan Study so that every member of the music community could learn something new and put it to use.

So Look at this, Share your favorite insights with your team or socially, and Let us know Any fan insights we should study next.

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