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Sometimes a vacation at Walt Disney World can be a lot. Walking, heat, and general overstimulation can cause your body to scream to relax and breathe. One way to de-stress is to visit your hotel’s hot tub for a muscle soak.

Some Disney hot tubs are pretty big.

This is what you need to know.

Is there a jacuzzi in all Disney World hotels?

Well, technically there are no hot tubs at Walt Disney World because Disney calls them spas (they’re the same), but no, not all resorts have jacuzzis. There are jacuzzis in the moderate, luxury resorts and Disney Vacation Club. So if you’re staying at All-Star, Pop Century or Art of Animation resorts, you’re out of luck.

Can I visit a WDW hot tub at a different hotel if mine don’t have one?

Unfortunately no. This would be considered pool jumping, which is generally not allowed.

Is there only one hot tub per hotel?

No, most Disney hotels have at least two jacuzzis, all located next to the pools.

The hot tubs are equipped with wheelchairs for the disabled.

Do Jacuzzis Have Specific Hours?

Yes, the hot tubs located in the main complex include swimming pools that close when closed. Hours vary by season and are posted at the pool doors. You can also check the pool hours at the hotel reception. Most resorts also have smaller “quiet pools” that have more hours.

Are there lifeguards in the jacuzzis?

Generally not. There are lifeguards who watch Disney’s main pools, but don’t watch the hot tubs.

What is the temperature of the jacuzzi water?

Disney World’s hot tubs are located at 104 degrees Farenheit.

Are children allowed in the jacuzzis?

Yes, there is no minimum age to use WDW hot tubs. However, children under the age of 12 must have adult supervision. Children in diaper age should wear bath diapers.

How many people can use the hot tub at once?

Hot tubs vary in size. Each will have their own job information posted by the pool. The smallest have a capacity of about six guests, the largest about 20. You can definitely expect to be in the hot tub with strangers.

Can I bring a glass of wine to the hot tub?

I’m sorry, no. No food or drink is allowed in the jacuzzis or adjacent areas. No glass of any kind is allowed on the pool deck.

Can I stay in the hot tub for as long as I want?

There are signs posted near each hot tub that say “Maximum Use: 15 Minutes.” Still, no one patrols how much time any guest spends in the hot tub, so I guess you could be there all day if you really want to. However, consider your security and consider other guests and their right to access the facility.

Are hot tubs accessible for people with reduced mobility?

Yes, all hot tubs in the WDW complex have a chairlift device that can help guests with mobility issues access the bathtubs. Consult a lifeguard for assistance with using the device.

During the COVID era, what about masks?

Guests should not wear masks while in the water. (Water security outweighs pandemic security).

Are there safety warnings for hot tubs?

Absolutely. Published signage states: “Pregnant women, young children, people with health problems and people who consume alcohol, narcotics or other drugs that cause drowsiness should not use spa pools without first consulting a doctor.” There’s a lot in this warning (and when it comes to narcotics, the ones that are banned at Disney no matter where you are), but it’s basically that you use your common sense and be safe. Oh, and don’t swallow the water from the hot tub.

Something else?

In case anyone was wondering, swimsuits should always be worn in Disney hot tubs.

Do you have any other questions about Disney hot tubs? Let us know in the comments.

First published on January 30, 2021. Updated on September 20, 2021.

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