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Women’s History Month is coming to an end and we thought it would be a good idea to have a blog, where some members of the community take some time to highlight some of the female artists who have played an important role in our music listening lives.

We will present to you the parts of a playlist that we have discussed with our favorite artists and created to celebrate our favorite female singers. With this I hope I will be able to include some interesting information about musicians and their role in the industry. Jump in!

Did you know that Lady Gaga was the first person to win an Oscar, Grammy, Golden Globe and BAFTA award in one year? Most of the participants in our discussion did not 3

It is incredibly important to have a strong representation of talented women in the media so that they can inspire others to realize their dreams and solidify the position of women as strong players in the scene.

For example, when I was thinking about the artist I would choose as “one” – Lady Gaga immediately came to my mind. I chose “born this way” from his discography.

spotify: Track: 30XU4suKzCeoCK9YFzdufg

I think it is a more representative song for him and it has brought together many people from different backgrounds under the motto of love, solidarity and acceptance. Lady Gaga has also founded a non-profit organization of the same name to promote the mental health and well-being of young people.

The name of another musical instrument was also mentioned in our discussion – Halloween Adelaide Leticia is better known as Christine and Chris from Queens. He was ranked No. 1 on the Vanity Fair’s list of the most powerful and influential French people who “promote French talent”. Our rock star Hubo says that his music has left a great impression on him. He chose his song Tilted which has an English and a French version.

spotify: Track: 2ILilOGEh31uHITYFazrLM

Next we have 6 emails who hid among the 2 artists of his choice because it was very difficult to choose only one. (We’re not all related: D) His first choice was Imogen Hip with a song from his project Frou Frou.

spotify: track: 0jXRQSoOA01VTmrVIDbhtm

She has been her fan for a long time and even has her CD. His musical career has varied, including making musical gloves and composing music for the West End / Broadway drama Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

His second choice is LP – an artist who recently found him when he saw them alive a few years ago. The selected song is lost on you.

spotify: Track: 0hyJTVfBJXeBTWTN6lOSYF

LP is not only a great one Singer but a lyricist to many famous artists. They have written songs for Cher, Rihanna, The Backstreet Boys, Leona Lewis, Céline Dion and Christina Aguilera.

And when we’re talking about artists who have made a big impact on the music scene, I have to mention that Evan’s pick – Bizarre. She said Icelander is a female artist who has influenced the formation of her musical tastes since she was a teenager. At the time he was fascinated by the eclectic medium of his expression and the visual art of video and performance. His artwork is considered abstract and often bizarre, but he can certainly be called an influential artist in every sense of the word.

spotify: track: 5zRuPOBoe38AjACFMsxkof

It is time to mention some of the women who have played an important role in establishing the place of women in music and culture, as we know them today. I’m not talking about anyone other than Disco Queens Gloria Gainer and Grace Jones who were the En Zenier Picks. He chose Survival Song and Libertango. In his own words – such a timeless classic and I absolutely love the songs.

Spotify: Track: 7cv28LXcjAC3GsXbUvXKbX

spotify: Track: 5TlSw8HyxbUeOdQlb8zVbg

Turning 180 degrees in our timeline we can talk illy Billy-J’s pick which is everything Billy Ilish wanted.

spotify: Track: 3ZCTVFBt2Brf31RLEnCkWJ

He said he was Likes the vibrancy of the song and its melody. Like most of us, he fell in love with the song Ocean Eye. Billy is the youngest person to win four major Grammy categories in the same year – Best New Artist, Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Album of the Year.

Another young artist is Matsuder Peak – Bia Miller. He rose to fame from the second season of The X Factor (US) when he was just 13 years old. As Matt puts it so well – the lyrics of his song speak for themselves, Bia isn’t afraid to speak her mind. The selected song was a response.

spotify: track: 3EGxhUpcKaYixmxNlSABDo

OseJose_M’s choice is Jess Gline with these days.

spotify: Track: 20ZP3Om9DvDazXrNUC7WM2

He invented his music a few years ago and the songs have been with him ever since. In 2001, Forbes Magazine named the British singer “the most influential person under the age of under”.

@ Katarina’s choice brought us back to 2007 when it was raining all summer 3 Or maybe it was Rihanna’s song umbrella that was on 24/7 radio.

spotify: Track: 49FYlytm3dAAraYgpoJZux

Rihanna has won 9 Grammy Awards, 13 American Music Awards, 12 Billboard Music Awards and 6 Guinness World Records. I want to say more?

Then we pick the োন loneliest_cabin, who is Rason Murphy with his Moloko Day song – Time Now.

Spotify: Track: 7xG0XZhUxTu6Axewwq0jfN

Raison says his biggest influences were Siuksi Siuks, Grace Jones and Bizarre. Which again shows how important the representation of women in music is and how the tastes of our music are intertwined without realizing it.

And what is a music list of strong women in music without mentioning a woman of heavy genre? It was here that Rey Tranastasio presented his favorite band with a female front – Acid King – electric machine..

spotify: Track: 0hH154tuA2DSZT3DiWQL6N

She doesn’t exactly have many stoner metal bands with a female lead, but Lori S is definitely known for her mesmerizing voice and heavy, low-end guitar sound.

To put things in perspective, I wanted to present you with a playlist we created with the team that includes the songs above and other tracks that have influenced us and the music scene as a whole. Still for sale!

spotify: Playlist: 12cclYPPgjVZOCON95VpGe

Now it’s your turn to share your favorite songs from female artists with us! We will be happy to expand our knowledge and enjoy some great tracks.

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