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Brooklyn-born rapper Joey Bada joins this week Best advice: podcasts Guests as well Gigi, Charlie XXX, Rush, And Smashing Pumpkins Billy Kargan. Big $ could be one of the most open guests in the series. Having been in the game since adolescence and gaining acclaim for his albums and mixtape, he has now honed his skills to include the 26-year-old actor, brand ambassador and label Hancho. Most recently, he starred in this year’s Oscar-winning Short to Distance Stranger, which, like many of his songs, mirrors the experience of black men in America.

In addition to popping up on recent tracks Westside Boogie And Laus and Yakuza, Big $$ is currently working hard to finish his new LP – 2017 follow-up All-American Bada 6 – Shooting as well Power Book III: Raising Paradise, A prequel to the original power franchise.

For the best advice: The Podcast, from Big $$ Networking to Focus, shared tips on the importance of understanding the value of your intellectual property. She talks about her love for self-help books, tips on her strengths and mentality, and her thoughts on how to balance the different types of creativity and ambition.

Listen to the episode of Joey, some of his important ways below it.

Highlights of Joey Bada’s Best Advice episode

“If you chase two rabbits, you won’t catch one.”

This is an old Russian proverb that is the best advice I’ve ever received. I call myself a multi-hyphenate, but it’s always hard to manage over the years. Once I got that quote as it really shook my reality. We’ve all heard the saying, “Jack of all trades, master of which?” So I just put them together: you’re chasing two rabbits you can’t catch one, and it was so understandable to me at the time. It helped me get my priorities in order. You’re doing three things at once you’re going to do three average, average things. You can be that artist and have all these opportunities like you … but you will be able to ask yourself which of these opportunities is going to best serve my highest self.

Recognition of abundance is absolutely transformative.

As soon as I wake up I say prayer and I make sure. Over time it starts to change your overall mindset. The goal is to be grateful for what you do every day. Once I shifted my focus to my strength and gratitude, I was able to be just a happy being. The thing is we all have lots. And once you can embrace abundance and be grateful for the daily abundance as your life will really open up. Because you’re starting to realize, well, maybe you don’t have the most money but look at all the plants in your house or look at all the family members around you. Like we are all abundant in one way or another. And this is the thing that many people get caught up in the destination type mentality. They can’t be happy until they get it. But you can have plenty at any time so once you start moving your vibrations in that direction I think it works wonders for you, as it did for me.

Networking key.

Understand the power of relationships: You never know who will help you in the long run. You never know who you may be collaborating with or working with in the future. Connecting and reaching out to people is important and essential. There are plenty of resources and resources to be able to contact for help or guidance.

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