Mood and genre filters for “favorite songs”

Starting today, Spotify is launching a new feature for free and premium users in several countries who have a huge collection of favorite songs and use the mobile app (IOS Or Android).

If you live in the United States, CA, UK, IE, AU, NZ, or ZA and have At least 30 tracks Saved in your library, this new feature allows you to filter yourself Good song By Genre And mood.

You can use this new feature by navigating to “Your libraryTap “and” Favorite song “; there, you can select one Filter Which are displayed at the top of the favorite song playlist, showing a subset of tracks that represent that particular genre or mood. Tap “X.Icon next to the filter, you can remove the selected genre or mood and return to the collection of your favorite songs.

There are currently hundreds of streams and mood filters for liked songs, which will be constantly updated and optimized over time. You need to save at least 15 representative tracks to the songs you like in a style or mood so that it appears as a filter; And you can stay Filters up to 15 Available, based on the tracks you have stored in your Spotify library. This way, the number and types of genre / mood filters (as well as the order in which they appear) are automatically updated as you add or remove favorite songs from your library.


During Test For this feature, I found a selection of my favorite songs in different genres of music that are fun to explore. For the most part, the songs I chose were sorted into appropriate genres during the test, and what genre (s) each artist’s music presented seemed to be closely linked to my expectations; Rarely have I noticed some of the tracks that seemed out of place in the genre filters for which they appeared.


I’m glad that genre and mood filters for liked songs are now being published as a feature, especially since any tracks useful for determining the information they provide will be added to the genre-themed playlists I’ve created on Spotify; So far, I’ve usually looked at other resources, such as, to see which “gener tags” apply to my favorite music, and by which I indicate which tracks to add to these playlists. The ability to filter self-saved tracks into individual genres or moods within the Spotify app itself presents a convenient alternative (or additional) resource for this purpose.

This new feature can be quite useful for the mobile app if you want to listen to songs within a certain genre or mood, even if you do not create or search for other Spotify playlists outside of the favorite song, such as what kind of “music” can be classified If you are only interested in getting an idea about him.

However you use new genres and mood filters for your favorite songs, I think this feature is an exciting and welcome addition to the mobile app. Add a comment and share your thoughts on how to find new genres and mood filters for songs you like.

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