New at Disney Springs: a very meaty burger and a Margarita monster.

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Latinx Hispanic Heritage Month

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Disney Springs Power Update

D-Luxe Burger

It’s time to party at Disney Springs, everyone, because Latinx Hispanic Heritage Month has reached the commercial and gastronomic district October 15th! Dining venues throughout Disney Springs hold holiday-themed dishes during the holidays. I, D-Luxe Burger it is one of the spaces to honor the holidays with limited time Triplet Burger!

So much meat!

The burger was stacked with one Exclusive mixed beef pie, crushed lettuce, tomato, Swiss, Black Forest ham, pork belly, fried potato sticks, i Aioli Ketchup as a play of a classic Puerto Rican triplet sandwich. But, Chef José Rodriguez decided to change the steak for a burger version when he created it for D-Luxe Burger.

Another solid burger

If you stick the Triplet Burger, we can’t recommend ordering another one Aioli Ketchup enough because it was so good!

This is awesome.

Even though we would have liked some spices, the Triplet Burger was still super tasty. And you can try it for yourself $ 11.99 next time you’re in Disney Springs

Read our full review of the Triplet Burger here.

Amorette pastry shop

If you want a dessert after this Triplet burger, you’ll want to go for it Amorette pastry shop also for Latinx Hispanic Heritage Month. The bakery offers Three Milk Cake they are traditional desserts that may be simple, but that are a HIT with us here at DFB.

Three Milk Cake

He Spanish 3 milk desserts is made with vanilla gauze, cherry mousse and Bailey cream for an extremely light and creamy treat, perfect for your sweet tooth!

Look at those layers.

And, we recommend you drop some of the most popular fall flavors (just for a moment!) To enjoy the Tres Leches cake October 15th per $ 9

Find out all the details of the Tres Leches cake here!

Daisies on the dock

It’s a spooky season, and that means all sorts of terrifying sweets have been popping up at Disney World lately. But Disney Springs takes a break from the flavors of Pumpkin Spice and Apple in exchange for a boozy nut Monster Margarita!

Is it really monstrous?

The cocktail is mixed with Pattern silver tequila, Grand Marnier, sugar, black cherry, green apple and lime juice. Still, it has an overwhelming inclination toward black cherry and bittersweet flavors.

It’s a frozen daisy …

If you’re a fan of frozen and Halloween daisies, you’ll want to include the Margarita monster in your Disney Springs drink trail. You can drink it at Daisies on the dock per $ 16 before you try more Halloween snacks at Disney Springs.

This is what you need to know about the Margarita monster.

Cilantro Urban Eatery Food Truck

Feel like amazing Latin food? Then you will want to head to the west side of Disney Springs to visit the Cilantro Urban Eatery Food Truck! The truck menu was created by Orlando chefs Juan Nessi and Carolina Medina with Mexican cuisine that is a fusion between Latin and American flavors.

The truck is here!

The menu has the Burrito Boricua, Burrito Pavilion, Cuban Quesadilla, Cochinita Pibil Tacos, Chicken Awesome-rrito !, Veggie-rrito !, Children’s Cheesecake, i Coconut kisses for a range of $ 4 to $ 13, depending on the item.

The menu includes several options

You can try it all on the truck at the end of Latinx Hispanic Heritage Month October 15th!

Check out the Cilantro Urban Eatery Food Truck here.

Well, that’s all for that What’s new in Disney Springs Next time we’ll catch you for more updates. And, if you have any questions about your upcoming Disney vacation, let us know to help you find the answers.

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