Price Week: Behind the price

What’s going on?

This week (2-2-2 May, 2021), we’re hosting a virtual fun week for members of the Spotify Community Super User Program to mark the launch of our brand new Star Program values.

What is the Star Program?
The Spotify Star program brings together our most engaged and enthusiastic Spotify community users, bringing them closer to Spotify. Our amazing stars are volunteers who contribute to the community and have access to enhanced permissions and access to private forums, as well as the opportunity to participate in product research and testing. You can learn more Here!

And values? Where do they come from?

The Star program has been running since 2013. Spotify’s core values), So far we have never created a precise set of values ​​that we can proudly present and that can help us be accountable.

How did you come up with values?

From the beginning, it was important to make a joint effort by involving the community team and the stars themselves. We decided that we wanted to build on the existing Spotify core values, and to make sure the new values ​​were unique to the Star program.

Like the Spotify values, we opted for individual words to represent values ​​with a brief description to add meaning and depth, showing that they are more to us than just words on paper.

During various workshops, we searched for the words that spoke to the spirit of the program, and then reached the final 6 that we believed was what it meant to be a star in the program. These are:



Action performed in groups




We then shared it with our stars so that we could get their feedback and opinions. Then, to Spotify’s design teams it’s to visually bring everything to life through value branding. They came back to us with different makeup, and we finally decided:


Inclusion.  PNG





What do these values ​​mean to the stars?

Here are some reflections from some of our stars about the meaning behind the word:

Att Matsuda says:

“I think the new STAR values ​​set the standard for what mentality you need to have when interacting with Spotify users, fellow stars and Spotify staff. These values ​​are our guides and key points of the program. .

Ub Hubo says:
“I’m glad we set these standards to ensure that we’re all in line to program the best so far! It is better to decide with our core principles. I think it really helps to have a shared vision / idea of ​​team morale.

Rey Treanastasio says:
“Members of the Star Program are relatively active in the community, so I think it’s important for us to remember these values ​​in order to create a fun and inclusive environment that respects everyone. By working together we can learn by example to support fellow community members more effectively and to maintain our responsibility to represent the Spotify and Star programs.

Bringing a set of meaningful values ​​took our time and happened at different stages. Value Week is an opportunity to virtually get together for the Star program and celebrate them in style with some fun events, including coffee hangouts, pet hangouts and listening parties.

Sounds like your kind of jam? Learn more about the Star program And get involved!

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