‘Real Rob’ is back for Season 3 in 2023, will it be on Netflix?

Real Rob – Photo: Netflix

Was one of the first in a comedy series for Netflix The real Rob Starring Rob Snyder. It’s been four years since the second season hit in September 2017 and after anticipation of a comeback and a few years of silence, season 2 is said to be back but not for a few more years.

In the Slice-of-Life comedy series, which debuted again in 2015, Rob Snyder acted as his own as he navigated the world as a wealthy Hollywood celebrity. Patricia Maya Snyder has starred in series like Jamie Lisso.

A second season was dropped towards the end of the 201 season which saw the late Norm McDonald Cameo among others but after a long break, much more was on the way.

Is there going to be a real Rob Season 3?

Of ason tu3 The real Rob It has been in development for some time. Our Season 3 preview article was last updated in January 2019 (Where Time Goes!) There were countless instances of Rob Snyder coming back to Real Rob.

It has been dark since the January 2019 release (and Rob didn’t even tweet himself), we guessed the show was put on the backburner.

Until September 19, when Rob Snyder confirmed three things. First, The real Rob Season 3 is still going on. The second is that they plan to shoot and eventually, it will be released in 2023.

Will Real Rob Season 3 be on Netflix?

It’s not clear if the third season will be on Netflix. The first two seasons have been marked around the world as Netflix Original where they still live exclusively.

Rob Snyder significantly picked up the original self-funded show and Netflix picked it up in late 2015 after it premiered on MIPCOM. Netflix has acquired rights in most of the territories, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Latin America, although Unogos reports that Netflix has acquired rights worldwide.

That said, Netflix itself hasn’t announced a third season so check out this spot.

Outside of Real Robb, the actor is currently starring in Netflix’s new comedy Kevin James, The host team. You can catch Snyder in a few of Adam Sandlers’ movies, including Netflix Sandy Wexler, Wrong Missy, Hobby Halloween And Ridiculous 6. Her 44-minute stand-up special Asian mom, Mexican Kids, is also on Netflix worldwide.

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