Activities of daily life that you can’t imagine without …

Many people use the app while working out in the gym / while driving. Others take their waterproof speakers to the bathroom or check in Wellness Playlist before practicing their daily meditation.

How can you do your own daily activities without Spotify? And what features do you like when performing them?

Here are some examples of me talking about this type of activity:

To work or clean

Unless I’m using a vacuum, I love to keep some background sound while cleaning the house. My choices can vary from music to the sound of nature through podcasts, depending on how much I want to engage my listening attention. In any case the work of the song can be boring without the music.

spotify: track: 7aZQxpvaYihFp6Edwp7N My: Small

Bathing with enclosed playlists

I used to do this when I was a kid with a boombox in the bathroom but fortunately now we live in the future so it is no longer needed. I can take my phone or speaker with me while taking a bath and listen to some space ambient noise or nature sound playlist.

spotify: track: 2vOE9PLXx3MTPy5E0dxPor: small

Salt house with audio book

I recently discovered the wonder of the salt room and started going to a regular one around me. Initially, I was bringing a paper book but time and experience showed me that it is a little inconvenient when every object in the house is covered in a tiny salt flake. So I switched to my phone where I could read a book on a reader app or listen to an audiobook on Spotify. Here are my recent picks Hunger Games And Percy Jackson In Germany.

spotify: Album: 3stDyFdt7QnPF6uWTZDQOi: Small

Organizing a home party

I created some custom playlists with my and friends’ favorite songs. We use them for parties when I host in my place. The Spotify Radio A favorite of mine for parties, but always with Automatic on On.

spotify: Track: 3eSkjPOXgxohZGh1MZg7E5: Small

Ignoring the noise of the city on the streets

If I have to do something that requires some distance walking in the city, such as going to a yoga class or a salt house, I always want my earbuds to ignore the noise of the city. Now it depends on what part of the day it is because it can affect my playlist preferences, but I’ve downloaded a variety of playlists and albums that allow me to choose from a wide range.

spotify: track: 4w9fUMT36IzWsiXnv3ijdn: short

Can you name some of the activities you can’t think of without Spotify? Let me know!

And a small gift from me, my favorite “bathroom” track:

spotify: Track: 0I0pxHXg4zWUgoyJZ5Qt93

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