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O people!

This month, we’re excited to introduce one of our new modes to the community: – Annie 3 Welcome abroad 3

So, Annie, can you tell us more about yourself?

My name is Annie and I was born and raised in Hungary. I came to Colombia after finishing high school and I liked it so much that I decided to stay. My favorite thing in the world is traveling, I really enjoy learning new places, learning about different cultures and trying common food in each place. In my spare time I like to read, watch TV series and spend time with my friends.

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You mentioned that you like to travel and explore new cultures – what do you like to hear on the street?

I don’t like music. I listen to what feels good to me independently of his genre. When I’m on the road, I usually choose a playlist depending on my current mood (excited, happy, nostalgic, etc.) I also like the song, it’s something that helps me relax at any moment.

What took you to the community?

I’ve been working at Spotify for a few years and I wanted a new challenge. This seems like a really good opportunity to learn more about unusual devices and technical problem solving. I also find interesting the fact that we can help a lot of people together in the community.

What is your latest discovery on Spotify?

My “Your Best Song 2020” playlist that I liked. It’s actually a long list of songs of several genres, but with something in common; I have listened to each of them at least 50 times this year 3

As a food lover myself, I have to ask- what is your favorite food?

I am a true fan of Hungarian food, I absolutely love all traditional traditional food. I really enjoy eating spaghetti with any sauce. And last but not least, I have to drink coffee and eat a piece of chocolate every day 3

Here is one of the most difficult questions for TV enthusiasts – which TV series can you watch over and over again?

If I had to choose one, I would no doubt have chosen the Breaking Bad. It’s really exciting and unpredictable when you first see it so it keeps you watching new episodes until you finish all the asons. Then, when you repeat it, you notice small details that help you understand the background better.

If you could be a superhero for a day, what would it be?

I want to get the ability to teleport myself to any country in the world. If that superpower only lasts one day, I must make a list of the places I want to go first so that I don’t miss anything.

Before we go, would you like to share some interesting information about yourself with us?

I listen to music no matter what I do. I always remember a song so I started listening to different playlists while walking, cooking, reading etc. According to my wrapper, I listened to 83.973 minutes of music this year.

Thank you so much Annie for bringing us into your world. 3

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Greetings everyone!

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