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Your fans are a community and you, the artist, influence them. Communities come together, share ideas and resources, and have their own subcultures and meeting places. If you’re active on social media, you already know it intuitively; Lets you know how you follow your posts and your listing, how you interact with fans and what you share with them. It’s important to familiarize yourself with new platforms as they emerge for connectivity – especially if you see your fans being attracted to them. Following you on platforms like Reddit, Facebook Groups and Twitch and artist-to-fan relationships can help stream stream on Spotify and increase your fanbase among like-minded listeners.

Take Discord for example; Originally a community platform that was primarily for gamers, it has become a meeting place for a variety of user interests – including music. A place of Discord (called “Server”) is a great place to cheer the community with fans. And, through Discord’s Spotify connection, Your fans can see what you’re listening to, play Spotify tracks, and listen to music. It allows artists to make new music debuts and get instant feedback or give listeners a chance to see your listening habits and the effects of the instrument. In a month, Conflict sent 800k listeners To Spotify, who went on to listen to about 9M tracks in just 14 days, and Spotify’s referrals from Discord grew 54% year-over-year.

Showing different aspects of your own on these platforms allows fans to have different access points to connect with you. Fitness? Of course there are apps for this – and many apps like Strava and Rankiper have Spotify integration so don’t create your music playlists that match moods and activities? For example, you can create a playlist that features your most high-powered songs in the workouts or runs of soundtrack fans. In fact, the number of listeners coming to Spotify through Runkeeper Pro has increased by 167.8%.

Above all, you should use these new platforms as an opportunity to deepen your connection with the fans and present your true self. Use your interactions online to communicate your marketing strategies to your interests, values, and behaviors online with what you think is right and what you think is right. Your conversations with fans in a subredit or Facebook group allow face-to-face communication and give you insights on what your fans want to see and hear, which sites they visit most frequently, and which products they want to see from you. Find them where they are and listen to your audience. They will return the favor.

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