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Amy McDonald Wrote from the heart. Ever since he started his career as a teenager through his breakout hitsThis is life, “Now the 33-year-old Scottish singer-songwriter has gained a loyal international fan base while gathering 2 million-monthly listeners on Spotify.

Published in October 2020, The demands of the people This is by far her most personal album – it relates to her maturity as a woman and an artist. McDonald’s goal in creating such an intimate album was to create something that could relate to fans. The stories are personal, but the feelings and experiences they describe are universal. On the album, you’ll hear love songs, such as “Fire”, dedicated to her pro soccer husband Richard Foster; Rock tunes like “The Hudson”, a nostalgic look from the past, were inspired by his parents’ 1970 trip to New York City; And melancholy sound guitar-driven songs such as “Idol”, which evokes sweet memories of his childhood home and with it.

If seeing is believing, then hearing means understanding. To give his fans more context about the ideas, experiences and emotions that inspired the album, McDonald used Music + talk show format Recorded a Track-by-track breakdown of album songs. Spotify for Artists caught up with him to find out more about why he did the show and what he wanted to do with the fans.

Why is it important for you to show your fans the thought process behind your music / work?

I think people just love listening to the inspiration behind their favorite songs. The music is thematic, and people take things completely different from the song, but I think they still love to know where the song came from. One of my favorite things about performing live is chatting with the audience and telling them the background behind the song. I haven’t been able to do that for over a year now [due to the pandemic], So it was great to have a platform like Spotify where I could tell those stories and use them on stage with my fans.

How was the reflection of making your album while doing this show?

It was really nice to think about the days spent writing and recording the album. I have so many wonderful memories of that time and it was really nice to sit down and be reminded of it. I’m also an expert at talking nonsense, so it was great to do it on purpose.

Your music + talk show is well received on Spotify – how do you feel your fans will now listen to your record with the extra context you add to your music + talk show?

I love that fans have all the information about my songs, but in the end I’m happy that people take what they like from my music. The music is so powerful. It can bring us back to many different times in our lives and remind us of different situations. It’s really cathartic for me to be able to sit down and talk about songs in an open and honest way without thinking that someone will take you out of context. I quite like that people can be totally surprised to see the real meaning of a song. I have a lot of songs that were written about the most annoying or inconsistent moments when people find the true meaning of it is quite funny.

Have you heard from fans about their reception to the show and their insights into their offerings in the creative process?

Yes, I have heard from many fans around the world who have loved listening to the anecdote behind all the songs. I write songs about life and there is always a story to tell from each melody. I’m not a particularly cheerful lyricist, so each song has its own unique story. As much as people seem to like the story behind the songs, there’s also a large section who just want to hear my pronunciation and tell me they’ll read the phone book and listen to me – but I’m glad they got to enjoy the Scottish pronunciation as well as learn the stories behind the song.

Which artist would you like to hear take a deep dive into track-by-track music + one of their records?

When I was making my first album, I listened to the album Via windowpane By a band called Guillemots. I have a lot of memories from that record and it would be amazing to hear the background of the album.

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