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For nearly 20 years, Ryan Radon has been creating music to enhance party experience, soundtrack nightlife, and the spirits of his audience. In the name of his stage, Cascade, He has established himself as one of the world’s leading DJs and music producers, holding multiple Lam Vegas residences and winning multiple Grammy nominations and worldwide music festival titles. Last year, as the world effectively closed, Cascade took on the challenge of bringing its brand-fee-good music to another frontier-the vibrant world of video games.

In December 2020, Canada’s independent electronic music labels Monstercat and Rocket League, The popular vehicle football game, partnering with Cascade, which makes him the face of the game’s first music-based. For Season 2 of the Rocket League, described on its site as an “arcade-style football and high-powered hybrid of vehicle frustration”, Cascade’s songs were featured as players’ anthems and as a track to its soundtrack. “Gaming and electronic music is a marriage written by celebrities,” Cascade said. “What I created for the games was also designed to translate into a dance floor that they were ready to speak in a second language.”

Track Cascade contributed to the Rocket League this season – “closer,” “Flip reset, “Solid Ground” and “To go miles”- His recently released Reset EP “Miles to Go,” with EP’s lead vocalist She is you, More than any other dance song, it was a special track inspired by the time of 2020 and the climate of the world. . “All I want to do is inspire and hopefully we can go to a better place. Destination has never been as important as travel and ‘Miles to Go’ tells that story. ”

As Cascade and his team prepare for the inspirational music release in March, they have two goals: “Miles to Go was aimed at introducing Cascade to new fans in the gaming community, while ensuring that the single resonates with its core audience,” Monstercat said. To build her audience in the gaming community, they partnered with Rocket League and Ever Popular, says music marketing lead, Tabitha Newdorf. Fortnite. And, to engage fans who couldn’t stay up to date in the gaming tie-in, they turned to Marquee. Newdorf added, “Marquee was an important part of our campaign to make sure longtime Cascade and Ella Vos fans feel connected to this single.”

The team’s strategic use of Marquee’s features has also complemented their release strategy. To extend the life of singles outside of the game and the initial rollout, they started Marquee a week after the track was released. The campaign around the song lets the organic audience grow on its own before it escalates with Marquee’s full-screen recommendation. And, with Marquee’s targeting ability, they were able to reach the right US fans. “With the ability to target audiences for both artists on the track – Cascade and Ella Voss – we’ve been able to use an advertising method to hit two different audiences,” Newdorf said. This cross-promoting technique has helped each artist to expand their own audience.

Their tactics paid off – each listener who received the marquee flowed an average of three times and showed no intention of stopping. “The save rate plays such an important role in the longevity of a track, we’re thrilled to see more than 20% of listeners who have saved the track or added it to their personal playlist,” Newdorf found. “Miles to Go” and the multifaceted campaign for it Reset The EP has driven Monstercat’s maximum first day and first week streams for a new release. As of this writing, “Miles to Go” has collected about 4.7 million plays on Spotify.

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