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After its introduction Best advice: podcasts Including double the drop of last week Gigi And Charlie XXX, This week we’re stoked drops Rush‘Episode. The New Jersey-born, Atlanta-based rapper was the first artist to record for the series, not only because he was one of the most popular creators of the game, but also a business-savvy entrepreneur who is involved in all aspects of the creative rush.

At the moment, for example, he is descending New music, Incubating the hair care line, and making some big rice in the tech space (keep your eyes peeled). Also, when he spoke of criminal justice reform, he supported it Weldon Project To encourage President Biden to grant amnesty to individuals who are spending time in federal prisons for marijuana offenses, as states continue to legalize and profit. (Atlanta’s Paper Taper Terrell “Drain”Davis is currently the focus of Rush and Weldon).

The point is, he’s a busy man, and this year, as he goes on a 2022 world tour in support. Shake the snow globe, He’ll be around. He is a master of public consciousness; He never falls.

This is one of the topics we will discuss in this episode of his best advice. We enter into the complexities of Spotify for Artists data analysis, social media, the strengths of vulnerabilities, and the analysis of the wrong and right ways to travel. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg – it’s worth tuning in to the advice given by his bud John Mayer alone.

Listen to Rush’s episode, some of his important ways below it.

Highlights from Ras’s best advice episode

Always be in competition with yourself.

I think my part is so fruitful because I think I can always lose myself. The reason I go to the studio every day is because I think I haven’t made my best song yet. Because my best song is always my new song. As soon as I get it done sometimes before I get it done, I like, okay, but I can do better than that. So it’s really the love of the game that keeps me coming back. But it is an unsatisfactory thing. I’m always going to think I can lose it.

When making music, weakening is so important to the process. The standards of society will not allow you to live from your truth.

I was always weak. And I have always loved music. Even when I first started making music, I was always an open book. I think men have a very big equipment problem with being weak. It’s kind of soft and I just didn’t give a shit about that. I love listening to the acoustic version of this punk song. Rock songs. Like I don’t like all the heavy drums and all the crazy things, but I have to get the acoustic version and sing along.

There is a right way to travel, do it right so that you can gain real attraction and get a chance to understand about your fanbase.

I’m not in favor of being a lifelong opener. I have seen many artists who are always open to anyone because they are too scared to go out on their own. You can gain fans by opening. I’m not saying you can, but at some point to start building your empire and your foundation, you have to see what your value is, and that’s where the hard ticket comes in. Many artists just want to do club shows but it’s a soft ticket, meaning there will be 500 people there tonight.

You see a lot of artists like ‘Village’ and it looks great, it looks like you’re on fire. But people don’t really spend money to see you. So I suggest the artists take a tour where it’s just you, it’s solid tickets, it’s the real place. And even if you go to try SOBs in New York, which comes out with 250 caps, and 50 people, great. At least you know now that Joe Blow, New York, costs 50 tickets. Then you go to LA and you will probably get 100 tickets there. And then you repeat: you have more music, more videos, you come back and now you can do 200 in SOBs, and now maybe 300 in LA and so on and so much more.

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