Magic Kingdom News: 100 new 50th anniversary items and more Lightning Lane signs

If you’ve been following DFB, you already know that it’s happened VERY recently on Magic Kingdom.

Disney’s Magic Kingdom

But just in case you missed some of the updates, we will look at everything that has changed in this park in recent days! Let’s look at the novelties of food, merchandise, construction, and the crowds of the Magical Kingdom.

Most of our novelties include new products and decorations, but we also take a look at the food.

Magic Kingdom Power Update

The back water treatment was new at Sunshine Tree Terrace in Adventureland a couple of months ago, in honor of the jungle trip updates and the new movie.

Sunshine Tree Terrace

This delicacy is still available in Sunshine Tree Terrace, but is not currently available in Mobile Order. If you’re hoping to get a refreshing (and very sweet) gift to celebrate the eighth wonder of the world, don’t be afraid. You can order it in person (in the app only) $ 6.29. And you can order it in a cup instead of as a float.

Subsequent water treatment

Near the entrance to Adventureland, the Spring Roll cart remains closed. This site has been closed for over a week and we have not heard any news about when it could return.

Still closed

We look forward to returning to the delicious Cheeseburger and Buffalo Chicken Spring Rolls, so we’ll let you know as soon as we see it back.

Magic Kingdom merchandise update

Now we come to the big news. The Magic Kingdom got over 100 new articles yesterday, most with a 50th anniversary theme. We found all the products in the Emporium on Main Street, USA

50th anniversary merchandise stand

There were THREE new Minnie Ears couples, all celebrating Disney World’s 50th anniversary. The white and gold pair are $ 34.99, and light up!

Ears from the Disney Castle Collection

A pair was from Loungefly, with Disney characters dressed in 50th birthday dresses for all ears and a bright golden bow in the center. This set is $ 39.99.

Mickey and his friends!

Minnie’s third ears were brightly colored EARidescents, with a large gold bow covered with rhinestones in the center. This couple is $ 39.99 too.

EARidescent ears

We also found a new one War Starbucks EARidescent in the Emporium, which was $ 39.99.

Oooooo It’s a new glass!

The cup had a “50th” logo on the front with Cinderella Castle within the “0.” There was tons of new merchandise, including pins, t-shirts, jewelry and much, much more. You can find it all at Emporium and Magic Kingdom.

See ALL 100 NEW 50th Anniversary Merchandise Pieces here.

A LOT of merchandise!

But that’s not the whole new product of the Emporium. Now let’s change the celebration and look at the Halloween items. The ears of Minnie Night Before Christmas arrived at Disney World last week and they sell out quickly.

A super unique pair of ears!

You can get them at the Emporium by $ 39.99, but you will want to hurry!

Uh, there aren’t many pairs left!

If your Halloween celebrations include lots of hot drinks like apple cider and hot cocoa, we’ve found the perfect cup for the spooky season. There is something new Abracadabra tax at the Emporium.

The Hocus Pocus cup

This glowing cup in the dark has decorations of Abracadabra and a large image of Binx on the back. You can already get it for $ 19.99.


Along the way to Uptown Jewelers, we came across some amazing popcorn-themed Minnie ears. We’ve seen them at Disneyland before and also admired the bespoke backpack. But now you can get them Minnie ears with popcorn aroma at Disney World too!

Minnie Popcorn Ears

The ears are translucent and full of pieces of popcorn, and the bow has popcorn bucket decorations everywhere. You can get them now at High city jewelry stores per $ 39.99. These will also be available at the Emporium, but that gift shop was already sold out when we went there. Cast members told us they were expecting a replacement soon.

Popcorn cubes in the bow

While we were at Uptown Jewelers, we also saw a new one Mickey Pandora pumpkin charm. This charm has a Mickey Jack-O-Lantern on one side and “BOO” written on the other.

Charm Pandora Charm

You can get the little Mickey pumpkin charm High city jewelry stores now for 55 USD.

Back of the charm

Speaking of stylish shops on Main Street, USA, we stopped at Crystal Arts and saw the Tiara of the 50th anniversary on display. This tiara has Mickey ears and the 50th anniversary logo as well VERY bright tan. It is available for prior reservation $ 85.

Tiara of the 50th anniversary

You can reserve this tiara to have delivered from mid to late November for a shipping cost of $ 8.50, or you can book it at the Disney Springs Crystal Arts location in mid-November. Cast members have said there won’t be a lot of availability you should book it now if you want one! The only way to get it is at Disney World and make a reservation in advance.


More on Tomorrowland at Star traders, we found a new phone case $ 29.99 this is also perfect for the next spooky season.

Mobile phone case

The case has small images of Mickey and Minnie Jack-O-Lanterns, ghosts, candies and more. Also onet Star traders in Tomorrowland, we saw a new long sleeve Halloween t-shirt with words like “scream,” “boo,” and “scare” written all over with graffiti lettering.

Halloween t-shirt

You can get this t-shirt for $ 42.99. There was also a t-shirt that said, “I’m here to enjoy the sweets” with images of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy that look terrifying. This t-shirt was $ 36.99.

Halloween candy t-shirt

And there was one more piece of Halloween clothing at Star Traders that we saw: a Minnie Mouse “Haunt You Later” Sweatshirt.

Chase after you later!

You can already get this sweatshirt for $ 69.99. Near these new Halloween items, we saw some black shoes that went perfectly with another new Halloween item we saw.

Halloween merchandise

Because we found them Halloween coconut pins! These come with five pins, including some spooky Disney snacks.

Halloween coconut pins

They are $ 17.99 a Star Traders at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

Magic Kingdom build update

The mountains of new products were not the only updates to the 50th anniversary: ​​we also saw new banners at Cinderella Castle.

50th banners

These banners have the logo number 50 on a pretty EARidescent background and some of them include work of art by famous Disney artist Mary Blair.

New banners on the pillars

You will find images of his conceptual art for Disney Cinderella on the exterior banners and simple decorative banners closest to the castle.

One of the banners

While you’re close to the castle, you can also take a look at the new one Dedication plate of cast members among the statues of golden characters of Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Dedication plate of the cast member

Disney dedicated these statues to all cast members, past, present and future. But the 50 decorations don’t stop there! Outside the main entrance, opposite Main Street Rail Station, you can find Mickey and Minnie Mouse topiaries with a great “50th” birthday cake between them.

It’s a party!

This will be one of the first 50th anniversary decorations you’ll see when you head to the Magic Kingdom, but it definitely won’t be the last.

Mmm …. cake.

We also found more signs of Lightning Lane in the Magic Kingdom, including a a Seven dwarf mine train

Seven-dwarf train lightning rail

Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain Lightning Lane

… i pirates of the caribbean.

Pirates Lightning Lane

These lanes will be the new “FastPass” lanes when Genie + and Pay-Per-Ride start in the parks. The new Genie + and Pay-Per-Ride system is supposed to start at Disney World this fall, though Disney has not announced exactly when they will start.

Lightning Lane sign

Speaking of Splash Mountain, all the scaffolding we’ve seen over the last few weeks has been removed from the trip.

Scaffolding earlier this month

It was probably used for some repainted or routine maintenance on the way, but now it’s gone and Splash looks better than ever.

No more scaffolding!

At the Emporium, you may notice it some goods have been moving. The old Pin wall now contains some home decor items.

Home decoration

You will find the pines in front of the cash registers towards the back of the store.


The Games and Stationery area was replaced by more home decor products, and you will find games and stationery distributed throughout the store.

More home decor

At the Christmas Shoppe, you will find some Christmas trees to decorate them, with ornaments hanging from their branches as a sample.

Christmas Shoppe

The display case that had custom ornaments is now gone and has been replaced by a customization counter.

Magic Kingdom Crowds Update

We stopped to walk around some Magic Kingdom to see how long the waiting times were. We saw one Wait 10 minutes a Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin …

Buzz Lightyear

… a Wait 5 minutes and Dumbo …


… ia Wait 50 minutes on the Seven Dwarfs mine train.

Seven-dwarf train lightning rail

That’s all for our Magic Kingdom update. Follow DFB and we’ll keep you posted on all the news from Disney World.

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What new 50th anniversary item is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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