#MusicMonday Review – December 2020

#Music Monday That’s the hashtag I’ve been using for quite some time to share music recommendations from artists. Always fresh, and always different, they try to look for trends before they become one. You can check November review For more music.

This is the end of a difficult year. This month’s releases reflect this, there are some difficult issues at hand. Let’s listen, with a word from the artists themselves. 3

Focus on the back – the funeral dream

Tell me how you look
Please in this cruelty
When someone talks to me
I have heard almost all the dreams of his funeral

Vienna, Austria serves our first band a dark indie pop track about the current state of humanity:

“I wouldn’t say I wrote the songs reminiscent of a particular past experience. It’s actually an overall observation of how – even though we’re all made of the same fabric – we lose more and more touch of originality. For example, people like understanding, kindness and empathy. Features and Emotions.There is no attempt to render the poetic qualities of the song in a formal essay here, but I think the last remaining part of the “human-good” is depicted very soon ব extinct, endangered by all the mistakes that are seemingly upward.

And I guess what comes with it is the gloomy predictions of the future and the present, as perceived or thought by the receptive personality in the song. “

Spotify: Track: 7j3Uc0o3tc8oL3AphBpZq8: Small

DIYÂ – Get away from my head

DIYA.jpgGet out of my head
I don’t want to remember your breathing
Give me a chance to forget
I hope there is no feeling of regret

Straight from Dubai, Ukrainian singer DIYÂ offers us an EDM-influenced pop track that could dance in 2020:

“You know some time before you fall asleep, we think about some past actions and start questioning our decisions. And sometimes one of those ideas gets stuck! It’s very frustrating.

This song was my way of expressing that what has been done is over – time to move on. Replace with something better that is not such a good experience. For newcomers to enter, they have to leave the place of my mind. “

spotify: track: 7uSRXLCq3yHawpq170jpMc: short

Mariachi las Adelitas – Cumbia adelita


Keep your feet where your heart tells you to
And you will see reality with imagination
Why load your shoulders with debris
Agita el cuerpo and charge your soul
No one can stop you

For the first time, a regional Mexican track may be featured, and it’s no track. The UK-based, all-female band, Las Adelaitas, brings us a taste of marijuana that deserves a few shots of tequila:

“I was planning to write a love song but soon realized it would be cathartic, so I decided to change direction for the benefit of the band! Writing about Adelitas has become empowering and uplifting. “

spotify: track: 6cNNGw8aWVNF37QUGoz3hH: Small

We bid farewell to 2020 with this year’s compilation. The 104 titles from the original artists, which cover a large number of different genres, all represent multiple genres that independent artists are proud to have established.. Listen:

spotify: Playlist: 6njYrx7S1nuuZAJ25YMmg9: Small

See 2021 and more in the full playlist

spotify: User: osornios: Playlist: 2IYRLjcwf2X9vC0QrI0b0P

See you next month!

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