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Australian Matt Ford And Jack Steele The average may seem like Joe’s pair, but their 1.2 million social media followers, modeling deals with high-end brands, and spread in magazines GQ And Enjoy This pair known as Tell a Different Story Inspired unemployed, Not yet accustomed to their new life, but the rise of their fame began when their comedy sketch began to go viral in 2019. Now two friends are adopting a new media format with their Spotify original podcast of the same name: Inspired unemployed.

Starting today, fans of the Inspired Baker account will hear honest, real and funny conversations that reflect Jack and Matt’s feeling of being “out of the water” in the world of internet stardom.

“The podcast is about us and how we’re navigating the sudden whiplash of fame and success,” said Best Friends. For the record. Clearly, this includes changes in their family dynamics. “We both surpassed our sisters and are now our mother’s favorite children,” they added.

However, their success did not come overnight. When they start following in unison in 2019, they take a big risk in quitting their day job. In grade school a decade ago.

This is what makes them so interesting to watch and listen to. When it comes to finding creative inspiration, they share, “Most of the time we just sit and talk about funny scenes and then bring them to life.”

And while their fan base is concentrated around the home in Australia and New Zealand, the pair hope their weekly podcast will resonate around the world:

Ready for your weekly dose of tongue-in-cheek humor, spontaneous adventure and live music straight from Matt and Jack’s mind? Listen to the first episode Inspired unemployed Podcast below.

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