Even Disney World experts may not notice this hidden detail of the 50th anniversary

With just over a week until the 50th anniversary celebrations at Walt Disney World begin, the levels of excitement are rising.

It’s an exciting time to visit Disney World.

We can’t wait to see the new fireworks shows, see Mickey and Minnie in their special costumes and discover all the surprises the parks have to offer over the next 18 months. Today Disney has more details about the birthday decor in the parks, including a detail most guests won’t notice alone.

In honor of the upcoming milestone, Magic Kingdom Park has been gradually changing over the past few months. The castle had a special decoration and many classic trips through the park received alterations and renovations. In many Fantasyland sites, you’ll see new golden accents to highlight some of the classics.

And if you look closely, you can see a hidden gesture on the 50th anniversary with the new golden accents. Take a walk through “it’s a small world” and look at the clock tower – 5 and 0 have been adorned with gold leaf!

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Disney is great thinking about even the smallest details. The next time you visit this journey, be sure to point out the change to your friends and thank the cast members for their hard work in making the most magical celebration on Earth possible.

Stay tuned to AllEars for more details and news from Disney World’s 50th anniversary. We’ll cover everything you need to know when the celebration begins next week.

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Are you visiting Disney World for your 50th birthday? Let us know in the comments.

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