In our headphones: December 2020

Merry Christmas everyone!

We wish you much happiness, health and warm emotions 3 3 3 3

The holiday season is a time when music is much more than ever, so let’s take a look at our group’s music selection for December.

Beginning with the discovery of a musical re-isc by Le Elena. He said many of his old-fashioned ski / punk tracks were repeated this month, hurting everyone around him. 3 However, he is enjoying his holiday by singing nonsense with some delightful Russian friends:

Spotify: Track: 5k88ygZgfDJe09hU9U0KsR: Small

Ater is moving forward with Katrina Next. His choice is a track that became popular through a trend of tickling and making him laugh every time.

spotify: track: 46q5BtHso0ECuTKeq70ZhW: Small

Next track: MarioIts monthly selection. “There’s not much about this song, He said Except for the curious, carefree happy-sad feelings and melodies that attracted me to it. May be the “end of the year” mood. ”

spotify: track: 6KVbzDRwFwYJXIukFwYs3w: short

– XeniaThe December track is among his favorite German songs. “It’s a great philosophical song, He says. I remember hearing it for the first time almost a decade ago but it could be written in 2020 as well. “

spotify: track: 2Jcx6qkJTt7mFRiIAXX3uc: short

Now let’s see what Peter is We have to tell him about his choice. Read my mind From the Assassins Sophomore album, Sam’s Town. The year was 2006 when I received the CD as a gift. Then I revisited some of the albums of that era (from artists like Kevin, Casabian) – “It’s great to re-interpret them through a 15-year prism. Later” and listen to them differently. “

spotify: track: 7cX4PJz1old9fyFI8RlfgW: short

And now let’s see what Mihail is For us there are: “Elton John has always been an artist that I really enjoy. I find his musical opportunities really impressive. I feel that his songs always express some deep human emotion that seems easy to connect with me. I think his songs The mood also fits really well with the holiday season and I find myself playing it more often at this time than at any other year. ” So track here:

spotify: track: 0lzpfrTARexLFXEACKSXTh: short

It was when he was a teenager that he discovered Emil A video used “Must dream“The artist is from Frou Frou and he was immediately hooked. “The band’s lead musician, Imogen Hip, went on to a successful solo career, and I continued to follow him for years, liking his debut albums. Doesn’t so I was really happy when mine Leave the radar It was on this track, which really goes back to his previous works. “ He said.

spotify: track: 6bR6uomTma9VctWBMOriXs: short

My December track may have been originally thought to be his summer song with a beach and ocean background, but I accidentally got stuck with this all-time classic:

spotify: track: 6ZLGthToczpvnL5Eoy6yrY: short

Hope you enjoy the rest of the full playlist!

spotify: Playlist: 6lv6DjjryalvuDqg0oirRb

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