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New music is being released to speak louder. Each new release is an opportunity to celebrate with your audience and be heard by the audience who may be your next big fan.

At Spotify for Artists, we’re working on ways to help make your new release more effective: We provide data to create the perfect audience strategy, expression tools. Canvas To showcase your creative identity, features Playlist pitching To help with discovery, and get started today স্ব self-serving marketing tools help make a noise when you’re most important.

Over the next few months, we’re making the mark available to US artists and label teams through a new campaign management tool, Beta Testing, at Spotify for Artists. Since its launch, Marquee Artists has become a major marketing tool for promoting new releases, so we want to make it easier for more teams to access the tool. With this new self-serving experience, U.S. teams will be able to update their profiles as well as create marquee campaigns.

What is Marquee?

Marquee is a campaign tool that helps you make your audience a bigger fan with your new release. It appears as a full-screen on the mobile home screen, recommending sponsoring your new release to the right audience: US free and premium listeners who have shown interest in your music and are more likely to be engaged. The audience that clicks on your mark is directed directly to your new release where they can only focus on your music. We’ve found that listeners find their recommendations relevant – on average, more than 15% of people who watch Marquee Stream from a released release within two weeks. And, their streaming doesn’t stop there – listeners who watch Marquee can save more than twice (2.2x) tracks or add them to their personal playlists for future listening if they don’t.

About beta

Marquee campaign booking experience

Marquee campaign booking experience

In the coming months, we’ll be launching a new Campaign tab for US-based teams at Spotify for Artists. Once a team enters the Campaigns tab, they can do so Schedule Marquee campaign to promote worthy new releases. Marquee will be available for artists who can get the most out of the tool.

Success stories

Since launching Marquee in beta, it has become an important part of the release strategy for artists large and small – across different genres and audience sizes.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber And his team has used the Marquee tool frequently in Diff Jam. Last year, Beaver released her first album in five years, her much-anticipated comeback, Change. His team uses Marquee to maximize the moment of rebirth and release of his fans, running an average of 15 streams per listener. Tim Bieber used the tool again in January 2021 for his single “Anyone” release. Marquee used 2 %% to help listeners save to their library or add to private playlists, effectively priming fans for the release of his sixth. Studio album, Judgment, Which came down with Marquee on March 19th.


Florida’s papyrus JackboyMP’s team used Marquee for the final fall with his 2020 collaborator Taiga, “Aggy”. Nearly 100,000 U.S. listeners of Jackboy and Tyga saw a marquee for “Aggy” and each converted listener streamed the song three times, with 29% of listeners saving it to their library or adding it to a private playlist.


Alt-pop singer-songwriter beabadoobee He released his first album, Fake It Flowers, in early 2020. Marquee uses propaganda Fake brick flowers, Beabadoobee’s team has noticed audiences on his Dirty Hit label who have recently discovered his music but will not necessarily be familiar with him as an artist. As a result, que0% of Marquee listeners who have streamed the promoted album have saved a track in their library or added one to their personal playlist, for a total of over 10,000 savings and playlist additions.

Getting started

If your team is in the US, get it Access You can do this in beta by setting your initial billing country for US admins by logging in to Spotify for web artists, clicking at the top left, navigating to “Manage Team” then “Billing” and adding billing-related information. Since we’re slowly launching Marquee on Spotify for artists, you’ll soon start to see the Campaigns tab.

And, if you want to target audiences in Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia or New Zealand, Submit your information Schedule the marquee through the local representative. For now, Spotify’s beta for artists is limited to the United States, but we plan to expand to more markets soon. As we continue to improve Marks and other marketing tools, we’re excited to share more updates, so visit our LinkedIn page to follow.

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