#MusicMonday Review – November 2020

#Music Monday That’s the hashtag I’ve been using for quite some time to share music recommendations from artists. Always fresh, and always different, they try to look for trends before they become one. You can check October review For more music.

After a very short break, let’s listen to a sample of the great tracks that the artists gave us in November with a word of their own. 3

The Blame Blames – Throwway Lines

I have a lot to say

But you never hear so I throw them away

You are scattered all the time

I guess every word I say is a cast line

Starting point: Nashville, TN for some glam rock! This track will send you to just another era with its words, however, the message is as current as ever.:

“This song is frustrating about the feeling of not listening. I wrote it at a time when I was playing in an open mic and coffee shop, and it was pretty hard to get anyone’s attention. It’s a song that makes someone want to listen, and I think the band The intensity of the event is reflected in the rawness of that emotion. “

spotify: track: 24wuhf3v8mi9svU0BH5oEY: short

J. Arturo – the only woman

I have to say something firstJArturo.jpg
You are the only woman
This is the heart that is beating
So cold that the clock stops

From Glam, we sing a love song from this Guadalajara, Mexican singer / songwriter:

“La Anika Muzaffar is a song that was written from a real experience, every word was true.

The song was written the night everything happened.

She’s with someone else now, but I think one day we’ll be together.

The question everyone asks me is “Why aren’t you together?”

Whose fault was it? “

It was my fault. So I wrote the song to express my love for her. “

spotify: track: 60U4CZlkhFTV83Z7yUGrjS: Small

Stephen Henry – Lights down

It could be even betterstephenhenry.jpg

If only I could get rid of my own problems


Then what do you need

To pull me together

To give us a little encouragement, let’s go to Santa Monica, CA with all the right ingredients for a deep, sexy, dance track:

Turn off the “main line” lamp, I never thought it would be like this “about dealing with the worries I had in my life with my age. D Become a person who sometimes wants to shine a light on them. Song, I like it that way.” . “

spotify: track: 25UZxta1qBcjLKcfXqisNG: short

Imitation of the tiger – where fire was used

TigerMimic.jpgHow lucky we were to be standing there

Surrounded by the glittering gold of autumn

The whole world is starting again in the spring

Robbins carries on the tiny hollow bones of the wing.

Hold on, this The London, England band has brought us some indie rock about the end of the cycle and new beginnings:

“The title came up on top of a dormant volcano with a lake at the top. There was something frightening, peaceful and beautiful about the fire, the heat, the chaos and finding peace where it stood. Not long. Not long after that trip my personal family There was a loss and I found myself thinking about that volcano again. It seemed like the right picture to describe the feeling of that loss in my life, where this person was full of life and energy, now there was this sad but beautiful emptiness.

spotify: Track: 3PWvz6JECpFhBeNpFmT66r: Small

Boyfriend – go crazy

loverboy.jpgFlip the candy and stop the resistance

The bright blue exhilaration we are lifting

Los Angeles, CA Our ultimate destination this month will be to party hard for some indie pop:

“The song came when I started to look around and realize how desperately people need to escape reality. They will work with this crazy, mundane and repetitive lifestyle, and when the weekend comes they will just go crazy and exaggerate it. A reminder. I always have a way to enjoy life, you don’t have to wait until the weekend to leave. “

Spotify: Track: 4i9S3n78cCqE9QgIrzqGTt: Small

Listen to them and more in the full playlist

spotify: User: osornios: Playlist: 2IYRLjcwf2X9vC0QrI0b0P

See you next month!

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