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New music on Friday : December December, 2020

New album to listen to:

Top choice

Half Japanese / Grandson / Sigur Ross / This New Puritan / Langhorn Slim / Son Lux / Caro / New Language / Skinshape / Youngblood /

Half Japanese
Spotify: Album: 0zfsmM6y9VsrB7HZ2Y34YX: Short
Crazy heart
Origin : Union Town, Pennsylvania, USA
Section : Art Punk
spotify: Album: 0n5LA95QYWAs9wwkkA8Sji: Small
The death of an optimistic person (First album)
Origin : Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Section : Alternate hip hop, rap rap rock
Sigur Rose
spotify: Album: 1Eaq9sameAA3etJDxMEJJ6: Short
Odin’s Raven Magic
Origin : Reykjavik, Iceland
Section : Experimental Rock, Icelandic Classical
spotify: Album: 0gakqztWFPk1NmvT6ef8gB: Short
Secret [MMXX]
Origin : London, England
Section : Alternative rock
spotify: Album: 0mbKHuV8g0FQ2WDQgDZgGR: Small
Strawberry Mansion – Side A.
Origin : Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Section : Alternative Folk / Rock
Son Lux
spotify: Album: 144YlSpDFi4lKMa1dXY5uZ: Short
Tomorrow II
Origin : New York City, New York, USA
Section : Electronic, Experimental, Chamber Pop
spotify: Album: 6uFCWn1ltAveMB1SSylWqO: Short
Old man (First album)
Origin : Leeds, England
Section : Alternate Pop
New language
spotify: Album: 0VCwzSDJDIKwxa9vbqJPVt: Small
Stuck with myself
Origin : Los Angeles, California, USA
Section : Alternative rock
spotify: Album: 6qDK9098RlBf9AbesHCILs: short
Pride is the death of a man
Origin : London, England

Section : Alternative Rock, Psychedelic

spotify: Album: 5M1cOYkcEY6fGNUyod2pvx: Small
Origin : Doncaster, England
Section : Indie Rock, Pop Punk

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It’s worth listening to

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spotify: Album: 7cTWmSPSNBfU9o4ShtR8uO: Short

spotify: Album: 3MfDRYbSuUoiJiFhmhBZ4u: Small

spotify: Album: 43YzokVXiyJbfas8y3WSK6: Short

spotify: Album: 7wNNqPCubxb2zDye60YPuc: Short

spotify: Album: 1sTmZWE5J7uiI1MsBUb9z2: Short

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