[New Music Friday] November 27, 2020: New album …

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New music on Friday : November 27, 2020

New album to listen to:

Top choice

Miley Cyrus / Ane Brun / The Smashing Pumpkins / Painted Shield / Radkey / Scott H. Biram / The New Madness / LC Huffman / Fever Feel / Kleenex Girl Wonder /

Miley Cyrus
spotify: Album: 5BRhg6NSEZOj0BR6Iz56fR: Short
Plastic hearts
Origin : Franklin, Tennessee, USA
Section : Indie Pop / Rock
spotify: Album: 7cvGvQ4o2mWFLMfyqhLtT2: Small
How beauty holds the hand of sorrow
Origin : Stockholm, Sweden
Section : Indie Folk / Pop
Beaten pumpkin
spotify: Album: 6jyVmM4JOjBSzJqSa4fRaI: Short
Origin : Chicago, Illinois
Section : Alternative rock
Painted shield
spotify: Album: 1jn9erY1pdPLhHCaYogq1U: Short
Origin : Seattle, Washington, USA
Section : Indie Rock (First album)
spotify: Album: 0oKhCRWbD8Ax1GODWK6v8J: Short
The toilet
Origin : Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Section : Indie Garage Rock, Punk Rock
Scott H pauses
spotify: Album: 7dJAZfGO2L7RWI8JlfX0Uk: Short
Fever dreams
Origin : Austin, Texas, USA
Section : Acoustic blues
New Madness
spotify: Album: 4MBfRMDPVE3EJhTT0V5Fk6: Small
Hours later
Origin : Berlin, Germany
Section : Alternative rock
LC Hoffman
spotify: Album: 38ar0V1XcFdcz5fcR56zXw: Small
Goldenrod honey
Origin : Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Section : Indie Folk / Rock
spotify: Album: 7LE5QoIayqdoSvBXZtN7rt: Short
Less valuable collection
Origin : Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Section : Psychedelic rock

Klinex Girl Wonder
spotify: Album: 6162p8c88TnEVltDQWHync: Short
Let it buffer (forever)
Origin : New York City, New York, USA
Section : Indie Pop / Rock

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It’s worth listening to

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spotify: Album: 2IQagMayRx6kAilOpLcBhs: Short

spotify: Album: 6pjuzPdAkJPdNBiKzcloXL: Short

spotify: Album: 7rzRftiKwTlCxFhZLmdyic: Short

spotify: Album: 1jRpsJC51XsZKGnNJgQVHr: Small

spotify: Album: 7sx8rpwVCOfRp6mo1IjkhW: Short

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Sailor / Jaded Heart / Loudblast / Hatbread / Cool Marauder / Suzy True / Sean Maldita / The Red Scar / Lars Feinberg / Fresh Maggots /

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