Our love and our investment in the most magical place on Earth

As a cast member, we are preparing to welcome the 50th the celebration of Walt Disney World Resort’s birthday on October 1 is an indescribable sensation. From the immense pride of being part of this milestone in our history, to the nostalgia of looking back and celebrating every moment that has brought us today, it is safe to say that this anniversary will be truly magical. Check out Magic Kingdom Park these days and you can tell that something really special is about to happen.

We’ve put a lot of love and investment into this magical place recently, refurbishing and repainting beloved attractions like Buzz Lightyear’s Jungle Cruise and Space Ranger Spin, adding brighter, more dimensional colors to fan-favorite areas, and of course adorning Cinderella Park and Castle with stunning EARidescent decor. From the tallest 189-foot turret that rises above the castle to the paths beneath your feet that take you from one magical land to the next, every detail, large and small, high and low, has been embellished for this transcendental occasion.

In true Disney fashion, the details make the difference. Walking through the park to spend a day of fun and adventure, you may not even notice the golden golden color adorning your favorite areas, the improved canopies that glow throughout the park, or even the hand-painted murals added to the Adventureland and Fantasyland facades. The Prince Charming Regal Carrousel looks absolutely stunning, with authentic gold accents and the ornate railing restores its original glory. Every inch looks as beautiful as ever.

But my personal favorite? The incredibly symbolic detail of the gold leaf of the “5” and the “0” of the clock tower “it’s a small world” … it’s always so light, but it represents a lot to us and to this place that we all love it. These subtle features are everywhere, on the roofs, on the concrete and anywhere in the middle, just look and you may find your new favorite spot.

Gold leaf detail of the

Preparing for “The World’s Most Magical Celebration” has clearly inspired cast members and Imagineers to make all the stops and magic number 50 extends to the four theme parks as we prepare for the celebration. . It is certainly a spectacle we cannot expect to share with the world during the historic 18 months of 50 yearsth Walt Disney World Resort birthday celebration.

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