REVIEW: A full breakfast for less than $ 6 at Disney World? It exists … If you know where to look!

Who is ready to start the day with some breakfast at Disney Studios Hollywood?

Toy Story Land

We recently headed out to Woody’s Lunch Box, the fast service site at Toy Story Land, to see your breakfast options. Breakfast food will withstand the lunch and dinner options preferred by fans, such as Totchos i Food box cakes? Get going, mates, because it’s time to dive straight into the “most important meal of the day!”

If you’ve ever met early in the morning with Toy Story Land to try to catch a short line Slinky Dog Dash, (or you may be on your way to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge!) you may know the sounds of the creepy belly asking for breakfast. The problem is …this part of the park is a bit sparse when it comes to dining options. To do this, you will need to downgrade to your toy-sized version.


Okay, now everyone magically has a toy size ?? Fantastic, then, we head to Woody’s Lunch Box. This little place is the name of the game when it comes to eating at Toy Story Land (until Barbecue Rodeo Roundup decides to finish and NEVER open, that is!).

Woody’s Lunch Box

You’ll find Woody’s Lunch Box near Alien Swirling Saucers (and basically as close to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge as you can get before you start saying you’re “out of the world” in Batuu!).

Woody’s Lunch Box

The location is as beautiful and fun looking as you would imagine. It’s basically a Woody’s Roundup lunchbox (yes, it’s a literal lunchbox!) Turned sideways and Everything in the nearest area is what you can find at Andy’s school lunch.

Woody’s Lunch Box

YES, you can sit on Babybel cheese pieces (talk about smart product placement!).

Woody’s Lunch Box seats

Explore pet cookies, juice boxes, cookie packs and more. Even the pick-up windows are surrounded by celery and carrots (wow, you know Andy’s mom had to try to get Andy to eat a healthy POC, right ?!).

Woody’s Lunch Box

The seats look plentiful, but these large tables and fun chairs don’t actually contain as many bodies as you’d think, i.e. it tends to be quite full most of the day, according to our experience.

Woody’s Lunch Box

We Ordered by mobile our meal and we got to pick it up. This place can feel a little hectic at times when it is busy and trying to get food. Try to be patient. If possible, send a person to your crew to pick up the food, as the pick-up area is especially crowded.

Woody’s Lunch Box

With that, it’s time to eat!


The restaurant currently has two specialties for breakfast which appears in the menu. First, there is Breakfast bowl, which is an important portion of potato barrels (also known as the rest of the world) topped with smoked sauce, scrambled eggs and green onions. And then there’s the Bowl for children’s breakfast, which is a smaller version of the normal breakfast, served with a Tangerine cuties, a side of potato barrels, and yours drink choice.

Woody’s Lunch Box menu

Previously, this place had a slightly wider variety of breakfast options, including one S’mores Toasted sandwich we enjoyed it as well as some other things to choose from for breakfast.

S’more French Toast Sandwich

But for now, it’s just all the bowls.

We decided to order them both to see how the portions compare. We start with the usual breakfast. Without a doubt, this was one a huge portion and if they don’t usually go out for a hearty breakfast, they could easily share it with at least two adults. I a $ 8.79, this is a good offer, especially if you are distributed among a few people.

Breakfast bowl

In comparison, we thought that Kid’s Breakfast Bowl was the perfect portion for breakfast. In addition, it came with two sides and a full size drink for $ 5.49, which is a very affordable breakfast, especially when it comes to Disney World park prices.

Children’s breakfast bowl

Of course, we have to talk about taste, because that also determines whether these bowls are worth it too. Both normal and child-sized bowls tasted the same since they were made with the same ingredients. We really liked the smoked breast sauce, so it was quite heavy and thick, but not too salty. If you’re a fan of sausage sauce, you’ll probably enjoy the touch of breast sauce.

Bowl for children’s breakfast

He the scrambled eggs were nice and light, and the the potato barrels were crunchy, although they may lose some crunchiness towards the end of the meal as the sauce is absorbed added spicy sauce to ours, which was available at the condiment station, and added a nice extra run.

Children’s breakfast bowl

He the side of the potato barrels were also very crunchy too. However, we will be real with you for a second in our beef with these “potato barrels”. Most of the places you find at Disney World are understandably fried. Not at Woody’s. Woody’s little ones are baked in the oven, not fried. If you’re looking for a slightly healthier whole, for sure. But if you want an ultra salty / crunchy tater to perfection, this is not the case. They are OK. But in our hearts, all fried> all cooked daily. That said, these kids were fine and sharper than we had had them in the past. 🙂

Potato barrels

Overall, we really liked the taste, but these breakfasts did quite heavy in terms of breakfasts. What is the reason we would do it prefer to share the full size portion or opt for the children’s portion.

Children’s breakfast bowl with potato barrels

Since we believe the normal size bowl can be easily shared, it’s a good thing $ 8.79. But keep in mind that it is not accompanied by a drink. That’s why Bowl for children’s breakfast he was the winner for us! A perfectly rationed breakfast plate, plus two sides and a drink? Register us

Both the drink and the mandarin are easy to save for later.

The moral of the story: The children’s bowl here is a great thing. We often tell you how children’s meals can be a good choice for adults who are not hungry. This is a great example of this. We have almost the same food and drink for almost half the price. Breakfast under $ 6? Sounds good to us! If you have problems with heavy food in the morning, you may want to skip it or choose to share it with some people. But if that doesn’t bother you, we’d give two inches to this Woody’s Lunch Box breakfast.

No or no

Mosey in Woody’s dining box if …

  • Find a quick and hearty meal at Hollywood Studios.
  • Want to do something quick between the attractions in Slinky Dog Dash and Toy Story Midway Mania.
  • Look for a breakfast “stuck to the ribs.”

Dinner elsewhere at Hollywood Studios if …

  • Look for lighter or healthier (or plant-based) options.
  • You want to sit with air conditioning and spend time for breakfast.
  • You don’t like eggs … or sauce … or any of the components here. With only one food option for breakfast, you need to like all the components to make it worth stopping by.


Woody’s Lunch Box offers consistent quality for all family members. There aren’t many breakfast options here, really just breakfast bowls for adults or kids, so you don’t have to worry about making difficult decisions in the morning; you just have to decide your hunger. Aren’t these strong bowls yours? You can walk a little further and be on Galaxy’s Edge in a second. There, we recommend the always delicious Ronto Wrap in the form of breakfast or the original.

The theme here is so fun and detailed, so you can have fun with every little detail while you dine. And just because it’s suitable for kids doesn’t mean there aren’t fun details that only adults will notice and enjoy. Therefore, for children or children at heart, Woody’s Lunch Box is still a great place.

Again, we would like the menu to be a little more extensive. Get some of the breakfasts you missed back, Woody! ONE thing for breakfast when this is really your best bet for fast food in this area of ​​the park is a bit … limiting. That said, we enjoyed the bowls and thought you could get a lot here for an affordable breakfast. We will continue to try the meals at all the parks and resorts (for science, of course), so stay tuned to the Disney Food Blog for more Disney World food updates.

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Where is your favorite place to have breakfast at Disney World? Let us know in the comments.

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