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“Music shapes and transforms society, country, culture, everything. It has not only changed my life, it has changed the world.” For Colombian lyricists, performers and producers Camilo, His artistry is personal, powerful and something to share with audiences around the world. A behind-the-scenes hitmaker who has stepped into the spotlight as an artist himself, Camilo first revealed his writing talent to Latin music sculptors like Becky G, Bad Bunny, and Carol G. Album, appropriate title For the first time (For the first time), Last year was important for his career as an artist.

Mar March, 2020, album release Title track and single Featuring Camilo’s wife, Venezuelan singer, and actor, Ivaluna Montaner, until February of that year. Sing Viva Latino Like Spotify Playlist Gain Her Single Love! (And he himself has gone crazy in love with his new bride), 2020 was the year he traveled the world and was able to reach and touch his fans IRL. “We started releasing music, and then our main focus was my first album [Por Primera Vez], And we revealed it as soon as the epidemic began, ”Camillo said, referring to his frustration at the time. “We were, ‘What’s going to happen?’ Our expectation was to release the album and start traveling everywhere to connect with people but when the epidemic started we said, “That’s it, we’re finished. This album is not going to connect. [with the people] . . . Although unable to tour, Camilo’s debut album was all about his and his team’s expected success, and his “Favorito” song was a runaway hit, and his collaboration with Ozuna (“Pulled“) And raw Alejandro (“Tattoos – Remix”) Only added its speed.

Camilo was in the music world but he wanted a deeper, more intimate connection with his fans, collectively known as “La Tribe” or “The Tribe”, instead of live performances. He found his solution in Spotify’s new audio experience, Music + Talk. Not quite a podcast and not quite a playlist, the music + talk show brings together music and spoken word commentary into a harmonious listening experience. Producers can express themselves in the talk segment playing with full tracks selected from Spotify’s catalog of more than cat0 million songs, making the fascinating combination of talk and music infinite.

The Spanish language show Camilo is made “El Rincon de la Tribe with Camilo”Or“ The Tribes Corner with Camilo. Described as a place for Camilo and his fans, La Tribe, “to talk to each other’s ears, [while] Breathing safely and in virtually the same air, the El Rincan de la Tribu was launched on November 2 – just days after Camilo won the Latin Grammy “Best Pop Song” for his song.Tutu. Since then, his show has become the most followed music + talk show on Spotify. On her show, Camilo sees her Latin behind the scenes of the audience Grammy experience, Inspiration to talk to colleagues Raw Alejandro, Launches his “El Bujan” fanmail segment and gives fans a peek into his personal life with the presence of his wife and collaborator Ivaluna. Another thing Camilo has been able to do with Music + Talk is to give fans more context about his music, including his hits. “Expensive clothes“And”Machu Picchu“And her latest album, Miss Manos, which, until March 17, 2021, is currently out No. 9 on Spotify’s weekly top album chart.

“My music was the quartet soundtrack of a lot of people,” said one grateful Camilo. “People [were] Their home had bad energy, bad moments, and my music made them dance again, laugh again. So it changed my life. There is no doubt that his music and “El Rincon …” have changed the lives of his tribe.

If you want to connect with the audience and have your own music + talk show, you can do it for free Anchor, Spotify’s podcasting platform. The anchor contains everything you need to create and publish a show, from recording and editing the recording talk segment. Adding music tracks With the “Music” tool, publishing your final product on Spotify and measuring your show performance.

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