The “Jurassic World” version of Pokemon Go! Universal Orlando is here!

You were obsessed Pokémon Go! in 2016, when it was basically done with the world?

© Jurassic World Alive

Well, you might want to check it out Jurassic World Alive. It is similar to Pokémon Go! but instead of catching pokemon, you are capturing escaped dinosaurs that roam your city. Players study and save dinosaurs, create hybrids and fight other players with their teams and there will soon be some perks for fans of the game at Universal Orlando!

Although Jurassic World Alive already in existence for a couple of years, Universal Orlando is now jumping on the trend and introducing exclusive events in the park for those who play the mobile game.

In the past, Universal Hollywood has been involved in having rare and valuable dinosaurs that players could find within its park. So there may be something similar coming up in Orlando Park and players can do it get hard to find items in the game only when they are at Universal Studios.

Jurassic Park at Universal Orlando

Universal hasn’t revealed much about these special events, but we know they will exclusive to Universal, and, if the chart is an indication of what’s to come, we know it will involve the new Velocicoaster.

The Velocicoaster

So if you’re a big fan of Jurassic World (or just a fan of the mobile game), make sure download the file Jurassic World Alive game before you go to Universal Orlando! And follow AllEars for more Universal Orlando news.

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You play Jurassic World Alive? Let us know in the comments.

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