The NEW hidden detail you totally missed at Disney World

In just over a week, HUGE Disney World Celebration of the 50th anniversary it will start and there is a lot to get excited about.


We have TWO (count them, two!) New nightly shows arriving at the parks (Harmonious at EPCOT and Disney Enchantment at Magic Kingdom), we have it a new cavalcade of characters to wait for it, we already have it Boxes of 50th Anniversary Popcorn, and we’ve already seen it many of the 50 statues of golden characters to the whole complex. But Disney also adds more subtle details of the 50th anniversary. And there’s one we bet you missed!

A classic trip is to take part in the 50th anniversary celebration in a special way. We have seen some paintings done in “it’s a small world”, but part of the new painting design was done in a VERY intentional way.

“It’s a small world”

You will have to look very carefully at the clock tower to take a look at the 50th anniversary. You see it? Although all the numbers on the right side of the tower have a bright golden color, 2 are slightly different.

You see it? © Disney

Do you see it? It is the “5” and the “0”. These two numbers have been specifically covered gold leaf to make them a little more unique and make them a wonderful subtle reference to the 50th anniversary of Disney World.

But this is not the only detail that has been embellished as part of the celebration. Disney has been renovating spaces throughout the complex in preparation for the birthday. You will find more ornaments on the roofs, sidewalks and more. So be sure to look around the next time you visit the parks. We have already seen how a beautiful transformation has taken place in the Prince Charming Carousel Gift, beautiful golden details have been added to the Princess Fairytale Hall and more renovations have been carried out at various places in the resort.

These golden details are sure to show up now!

Disney recently released a video showing cast members putting some of the latest details into the celebration. Take a look below.

We love to see all these little touches added to the park. We’ll be sure to share more hidden details with you if we spot any, so check back for more. And stay tuned for full coverage of Disney World’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

See photos of the new scenes the electric water contest is getting for Disney World’s 50th anniversary.

How do you feel about all these 50th anniversary touches being added to Disney World? Let us know in the comments.

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