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Since launching Co. Lab In the fall of 2018, we worked to bring together the top experts in our industry that impress today’s artists.

His first incarnation Colab was a personal event series held in New York, Nashville, Atlanta and Los Angeles. A place to hear what an expert or established artist had to say about everything Sync placement, Per Preparing for your next release, Per Understand and protect your financial assets, Per Use your identity to stay fresh. At these events you can welcome your career workshop with the speaker during 1: 1 office hours, as well as meet your colleagues and connect with your community.

And then, once the events are over, we create vThe standard of our expert presentation So that all their valuable advice is available to everyone at any time.

Of course, when Kovid hit, we had to rethink everything. Now Co.Lab has become virtual as a digital event series where our hand-picked experts talk to thousands of artists through Zoom. Although we personally miss the point, the biggest thing about this new format is that artists from all over the world can tune in from anywhere, and instead of video, we turn expert tips into short, snackable podcasts, starting conversations on Distilling 40-the most critical takeaway.

For our first co-lab session podcast – which you can listen to below – we focus on live streaming, each of which has moved to varying degrees over the past 12 months.

Grammy winner His Discusses his vision for true self-performance and communication in a virtual space; Fadia Quader, who is behind some of the most viral live streams on Instagram (D-Nice Club Quarantine Set, Verzuz Series), provides insights into how your audience can log in and stay engaged.

Elsewhere, Lauren Baker, a creative producer at Beyonc পার’s Parkwood Entertainment, brings back the screen to stage Splash, Cyber ​​Display, while Bulldog Media’s John Petroselli offers the best hosting services, download software, buy mixers and almost every logistics you can. Think.

We have many more virtual Co.Lab events coming up in the next few months, so keep checking In the back For details. But in the meantime, Conglab has a lot more to dive right into Here.

– Spotify for artists

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