EPCOT News: Margarita Ice Cream and Twinings Christmas Ice Cream are back

It’s time for another update on news at EPCOT!

Earth spacecraft

EPCOT has seen MANY changes over the last week or so, since Creations Shop openings, Club Cool, even Restaurant Space 220! What’s new?

EPCOT food updates

Pavilion of Mexico

We tried a new margarita ice cream called “Abuelita’s mud slide”Drink a La Cava de l’Tequila in Mexico. It was not easy $ 21.30 and it basically tasted good tequila mixed with made chocolate ice cream.

Gelat Margarita

This drink is presented with a La Cava’s famous smoke bubble on top, and you even get there choose the color of the cone!

Read our review on Abuelita’s mud slide here.

Pavilion of Germany

More in Germany a Caramel kitchen, we found new ones Werther soft candies inside Cinnamon cream per $ 9.99.

Werther’s Cinnamon Cream

And you can Karamell-Kuche mobile order too!

New mobile order sign

So if you want to try some cinnamon-flavored candies, go to Germany at EPCOT.

Check out these fall delights we found at Karamell-Kuche.

EPCOT construction updates

International Gateway Pin Cart

We observed that the The international catwalk pin cart has reopened! A cast member let us know that it opened very recently.

Carro Pin Pin

So now there is one more place to buy new Disney pins at EPCOT.

Check out the new 50th anniversary merchandise, including the pines!

Harmonious barges

There has been more work in the barges for the new Harmonious fireworks show. This week we saw one crane and the bridge was up for the barges to pass.

Harmonious construction of barges

It is harmonic scheduled to open on October 1st, just in time for Disney World 50th Anniversary! We’ll be watching as Disney puts an end to the new fireworks show.

Read more about the spectacular new Harmonious Night EPCOT here.

Friendship landing craft dock

He Friendship landing craft dock in the Moroccan pavilion is getting a new awning. Friendship ships at EPCOT bring World Showcase guests to Future World and vice versa.

Construction awning

Friendship Ships service resumed in November 2020and you can pick them up at various Disney World locations to transport them.

You can read more about Disney World transportation here.

Stand of Belgium

He Stand of Belgium per EPOGOT 2021 food and wine festival is in the process of being installed on the World Showcase for its Inauguration on October 1. It will be located next to the Australian stand, and is now just a white tent.

New stand in Belgium

We can’t wait to get ours Belgian Waffle Solution at the stand in Belgium and we will be watching at this stand in case it was Disney decides to open it soon!

Check out the stand menu in Belgium here.

EPCOT merchandise updates

Creation shop

As for shopping, we find new ones “The Child” (also known as Baby Yoda, also known as Yellow) Earrings a Creation shop. Costen $ 19.99 and they are like small pom poms with small ears of Yoda.

New Yellow earrings

There were some, too new tank tops per $ 34.99 each. That Winnie the Pooh tank top it is above all black and white, except for Pooh red shirt and balloons.

Winnie the Pooh tank top

He Mickey comic book t-shirt has several panels of Mickey and friends of color with a black and white background.

Mickey comic book t-shirt

That Disney Parks Icons T-Shirt has a lot of colored stripes with images of Disney icons such as the tree of life, the space mountain and Cinderella Castle.

Disney Park Icons T-Shirt

And this Big Cat closed t-shirt stars in our favorite big Disney cats, I like Scar and Mufasa from The Lion King, i Rajah from Aladdin.

Lions and Tigers and …

These closed t-shirts can be found at Creations Shop for $ 34.99 each.

United Kingdom Pavilion

In the United Kingdom Pavilion, Twinings Christmas Tea they are back! Costen $ 5.99 each or $ 5 each when you buy four. You can find Christmas tea, made with black tea, cinnamon and cloves …

Christmas tea

Gingerbread joy, which is black tea flavored with ginger and cinnamon …

Gingerbread Joy

Mint Peper Cheer, mint tea flavored with vanilla …

Mint Peper Cheer

… i Winter spice, an herbal tea with flavors of apple, cinnamon, cardamom and cloves.

Winter spice

You can also find the file Guinness Luxury Fudge repopulated!

Guinness Luxury Fudge

If you prefer your fudge-shaped Guinness beer, it will cost $ 12.95 for a bag.

Read our full review of luxury beer here.

Japan Pavilion

In Mitsukoshi in Japan, there are several new series of toys for cats, such as these for $ 12.95

New series of toys

… these cats go for $ 7.95

New cat toys

… and these little kittens are $ 6.95.

New cat toys

This news for us Dragon Ball Hat Z costs $ 24.95 The hat is orange with the Embroidered Dragon Ball Z logo next to…

Dragon Ball Hat Z

… and under the hat ticket is a image of Goku from Dragon Ball Z.

Dragon Ball Hat Z

You can find these new items at Mitsukoshi in Japan.

Pavilion of China

And in China, there are new ones Garlic cream puts chips per $ 5.50.

New Lays

EPCOT Various updates

Club Cool

We observed that the line for the Club Cool has shrunk since reopening. We only I waited about 5 minutes to enter On this day.

Club Cool

Club Cool just reopened EPCOT and you can get tons of it Coca-Cola Merchandise or try one international soda flavor!

Here is more information on the reopening of the Cool Club.

Space 220

On the 2nd of Space 220 is open, Disney World had a smooth process to guide guests from the EPCOT entrance to the Space 220 line Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind construction. They allowed guests to sign up for one return time for same day booking.

Day 2 of the Space 220 line

Space 220 bookings begin Sept. 27, and until then they are walking. You can probably expect a long line, but at least Disney has an organized process.

Read more about our Space 220 experience here.

EPCOT monorail rope drop process

We also wanted to point out the EPCOT rope drop process per people carrying the monorail to EPCOT from Transport and ticket center (TTC). The TTC monorail at EPCOT opens at 10 p.m., and we boarded right at the opening. We arrived at EPCOT around 10:15 AM and as we had already passed by for security, we walked straight to the entrance. It was a very simple and straightforward process.

Monorail line

The monorail closed its doors pretty quickly once we got on the first monorail of the day, so try it arrive just before 10:00 or earlier to take the first monorail.

Read here our monorail rope drop experience.

And that’s all new at EPCOT. Keep reading DFB for all Disney World news and updates.

Click here to read what’s new at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

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Are you surprised by any of the EPCOT news? Tell us in the comments!

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