How long did it take us to climb the resistance WITHOUT a boarding group at Disney World today

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance remains one of the most popular attractions at Disney World.

Rise of resistance

Until recently, the only way to experience this attraction, however, was to touch those fingers VERY quickly and try to get one of the limited boarding groups available. But, as of today, September 23, Disney stopped using boarding groups for Rise of the Resistance. This means you can now jump to the usual waiting line to enjoy all the fun of Star Wars. How long did it take us to make the trip today? Here we share all this information.

Earlier today we headed to Disney Studios Hollywood to experience Rise of the Resistance with the new waiting line process and we weren’t alone. There were MANY guests dropping Galaxy’s Edge to try to be the first to ride this attraction.

Lots of strings

We will take you step by step during our morning.

Around 8:50 AM, we drove to the parking doors of the Disney Studios in Hollywood, with the park open in 9:00.

Around 9:02 a.m., we were in the park and waiting in line for the resistance to rise. At the time, the line went back to the Indiana Jones store in the Echo Lake Park area. A few minutes later, the My Disney Experience app showed a 150-minute wait for the attraction.

At 9:08 a.m., we could see the line stretching behind us, almost to the Prime Time cafe of the 1950s.

A look at the line

Around 9:19 a.m., we were approaching the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge entrance.

Member of the cast directing the guests

At 9:23 a.m., we entered the actual Rise of the Resistance line, but the queue can be a bit misleading. This morning, the queue was being woven into the standard Rise of the Resistance line, to go back out and around Muppet * Vision 3-D, and finally back to the Rise of the Resistance queue.

Still on the line

At 9:37 a.m., the ride waited 220 minutes when we checked out My Disney Experience.

We spent some time near the Muppet * Vision 3-D line area of ​​the line around 9:40 am

In the Muppets area

Around 10:00 in the morning we re-entered the regular queue for Rise of the Resistance.

Tail of Rise

We made our way through the outside areas of the line and at 10:18 in the morning, we were almost at the pre-show.

We are almost there!

At 10:24 in the morning, we were already in the first pre-show.

And around 10:30 in the morning, we were already with some Stormtrooper friends in the big hangar. After that, we waited a little longer (until 10:41 a.m.) until we finally got into the vehicle and set off on our intergalactic journey.

Rise of resistance

Around 10:48 AM, we were out of the attraction and saw that the wait was 75 minutes. At the time of writing (approximately 12:24 PM ET), the timeout is 75 minutes.

So, all in all, we lined up around 9:02 and set off on the trip at 10:41, that is, just over an hour and a half (about 100 minutes). Not so bad!

Waiting line signal

But still, an hour and a half can be a good amount of time to wait in line early in the morning, so make sure you are prepared. If you can’t spend the morning without coffee, don’t try to wait in a row for 90 minutes (or more) without that coffee; Bring games: We watched as guests played in line on the phone and interacted with their parties.

You must be entertained!

If you are willing to get up VERY early, it can also be a good strategy for you. From what we were told, the the car park opened at 07:45 this morning (although the park’s official opening hours were not until 09:00). The cast members indicated that this opening hours will vary, however, depending on the number of people arriving, the time of arrival and the appearance of the staff.

For today, though, things have opened up soon and Disney allowed guests security at 8 p.m. They then let the guests in a little further through the door and kept the guests at a certain point until 8:30 AM. After that, guests were able to enter the actual line of increasing resistance.

Engraved tail marks

There was a separate area designated for guests trying to mount Rise of the Resistance, so it will also help keep things organized.

Overall, it seems like arriving early or waiting a bit after the opening can be a good strategy. We felt that those who waited a bit after opening to jump in the queue had a slightly shorter wait time, as we saw that the wait time dropped to 75 minutes later in the morning. That doesn’t mean it will always be that way, but it’s what we’ve experienced today.

Some of the queue

The line kept moving, which helped make it not seem so long. The trip didn’t seem to go down this morning either, from what we saw, which helped keep things running smoothly. If the journey goes down or you experience a delay, this could greatly affect things.

Also remember that Park Hopping starts at 2pm every day. Just then, a large number of guests could decide to go to Hollywood studios to try to mount Rise of the Resistance, potentially causing a big rebound in waiting times.

End of line signal

Also, keep in mind that while Disney has stopped using boarding groups for Rise of the Resistance right now, have noted that boarding groups may return in the future or may be used from time to time. Check for updates to the My Disney Experience app.

We will keep you posted for more news on Rise of the Resistance and let you know what we find. Come back with us for more updates.

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Will you try to mount Rise of the Resistance during any of your next trips? Let us know in the comments.

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