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Mickey Shiloh Knows that success comes in many forms and is not really a linear path when it comes to music. The lyricist, who was born in the Bay Area, has been working since he was a teenager, writing hooks for everyone Britney Per Iggy Azalea, Tiana Taylor Per Pitbull, Jason Derulo Per J.L. Per Janet Jackson, While writing and publishing his own music (including a Track That went Completely viral Thanks to Kylie Jenner for Snapchat).

In the early days of her career – and by her own admission – despite this high-profile credit, Mickey found that this kind of work still did not fully support her financially. There was always the option of getting nine-to-five, but he thought, must there be a way in place of music that he could monetize more effectively? Simply put, when Mickey joined Soundbetter In 2015, it changed her life: she was able to create her own music, while providing melodies, demo vocals and more, for an extra pool of clients who found His service Via soundbetter.

Naming 30 under Forbes 30 in their 2019 annual class, Mickey is an entrepreneur in the true sense of the word: multi-platinum lyricist, indie record label founder (BDRM RCRDS), Consultant, Author, And of course an artist of his own right. He understands haste, and for this 29-year-old, his work with Soundbetter is both basic and necessary.

Check out the video above to learn more about Mickey’s journey, as well as a bunch of other Soundbetter stories to check out, including the Minnesota artist Michael Shines has enlarged it with the Polish electronic group Komodo, And How New Zealand indie actor Yumi Zouma expands their sonic horizons Using the platform.

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