[New Music Friday] November 13, 2020: New album …

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New music on Friday : November 6 and 13, 2020

New album to listen to:

Top choice

AC / DC / Tunng / Adulkt Life / The Wytches / Willies Earl Beal / Chris Stapleton / Told Slant / Pale Honey / Gerry Cinnamon / Donovan Woods /

spotify: Album: 3bTNxJYk2bwdWBMtrjBxb0: Small
Turn on
Origin : Sydney, Australia
Section : Hard Rock, Blues Rock
spotify: Album: 7v4OiEuLOOOlMnzgIJlgn4: Short
Tunng Presents … Dead Club
Origin : London, England
Section : Indie Folk, Folktronica
Adult life
spotify: Album: 12b4rfj9zEDPVehNmVDNHw: Short
Ciurses book
Origin : London, England
Section : Alternative Rock, Punk Rock
spotify: Album: 2QxqKQ8PFXpCLub57XzVDq: Small
Three miles shaft
Origin : Peterborough, England
Section : Indie Rock, Surf Rock
spotify: Album: 6XBIygFedBkJmQc3ePoClk: Small
Dry stars
Origin : Portland, Oregon, USA
Section : Experimental Spirit, Alternative Hip Hop
Chris Stapleton
spotify: Album: 0sOeI7pbAmIc8aDFyvkBUW: Short
Getting started
Origin : Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Section : Alternative County / Rock
Say slant
spotify: Album: 5auhOhGMIBezlCUIwQ3h8m: Short
Point the flashlight and walk
Origin : Brooklyn, New York, USA
Section : Low-fi, bedroom punk
spotify: Album: 1jNInVnhhAxgCFuygx6rW4: Short
Some time, alone
Origin : Gothenburg, Sweden
Section : Alternative rock
Jerry Cinnamon
spotify: Album: 3OuBVsnWGsUPsPsw8ua9l1: Short
Origin : Glasgow, Scotland

Section : Indie Folk / Rock

Donovan wood
spotify: Album: 51tp0W2tRU0IfrNpemM9ra: Small
Without people
Origin : Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Section : Indie Folk / Rock

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It’s worth listening to

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spotify: Album: 4mU4ARmfFFvXQ6hgHDvFnI: Small

spotify: Album: 78ymHPWdKi0OVaysijYNz1: Short

spotify: Album: 3ZLJDULvZPo4lZaZXsRkE0: Short

spotify: Album: 112AapnDZlCIHKoas9ZL0l: Short

spotify: Album: 2BeAQbyvySlNbJK9Z0HYDE: Short

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If you want more, you can check out new releases from these artists

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Bibio / Causa Sui / Statistics / The Bats / Marika Hackman / Witchrider / The Darcys / The Brummies / McFly / Frank Turner, Jon Snodgrass / Cry Club / The Vision / Ghost Funk Orchestra / Jess Kivel / Cursive / Korban Baxter / Goings / Sun Drift / Azim Jain and his favorite bone / Panther Holo /

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