[New Music Friday] November 20, 2020: New album …

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New music on Friday : November 20, 2020

New album to listen to:

Top choice

King Gizard and the Lizard Wizard / Cabaret Voltaire / Hypolaxo / The Wild Feathers / The Cribs / I’m Oak / Bad Nerves / Tired Lion / Dave Alvin / Laura Fell /

King Gizard and The Lizard Wizard
spotify: Album: 6uuQKwM3fRETiscHqlnxuo: Short
Origin : Melbourne, Australia
Section : Alternative Rock, Garage, Soul, Surf
Cabaret Voltaire
spotify: Album: 3YnxvvRPpV89QLrAWdLd06: Short
Shadow of fear
Origin : Sheffield, England
Section : Experimental Electronic
spotify: Album: 7t9Val8p8ZDU7v3symUhpf: Short
Origin : Brooklyn, New York, USA
Section : Indie Rock
spotify: Album: 0j1MZr6J8H4ro3xorqwzID: Short
Moderate rarity
Origin : Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Section : Southern Rock, Country
spotify: Album: 5GoKGpW3CAPfMvdegiCHAp: Short
Night network
Origin : Wakefield, England
Section : Alternative Rock, Post Punk
I’m OK
spotify: Album: 2ZROe6MOuZAjBZIxrtlVUO: Small
Strange Seed (Pt 1)
Origin : Utrecht, Netherlands
Section : Indie Folk
Bad nerves
spotify: Album: 04q0xbiK6k25UHW4yMbn9p: Short
Bad nerves
Origin : London, England
Section : Bad talk rock
Tired lion
SpotFi: Album: 4cr6QE3fflOcnK8W1AWZYo: Small
Breakfast for Pathik
Origin : Perth, Australia
Section : Indie Rock
Dave Alvin
spotify: Album: 31K9bv7f4iZgGXSASeTC8q: Short
From an old guitar: Rare and unpublished recordings
Origin : Los Angeles, California, USA

Section : Root / Blues / Folk / Rock / Americana

Laura Fell
spotify: Album: 5oiO1KIUpPWlVsKTKoC6Eh: Short
Safe from me
Origin : London, England
Section : Alternative people

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It’s worth listening to

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spotify: Album: 6q18YsJQd6ATmnhu5RcC9Z: Short

spotify: Album: 01Bn2fpfFmzZ9oD6rP0fbg: Small

spotify: Album: 7oGPTJZSlOOdPnvpymTGXG: Small

spotify: Album: 4RNJHOv2VttcXq2TZN048k: Short

spotify: Album: 7jybwv0N6TGuWMqa0eOxF2: Short

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