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If you know, you know. That is, if you’re a fan of the cross-pollinated genres of hip-hop, R&B, and jazz, you’re probably a fan. Terrace MartinIts music and its countless Collaborate with other artists. But if you can’t recognize his name immediately, you must know his word.

Martin, a resident of Los Angeles, three times Grammy-nominated producer, Composer, lyricist, and multi-instrumentalist who has come up with the idea of ​​his talent, including some of the biggest and brightest stars in the genre, but not limited to, Kendrick Lamar, Kamasi Washington, Ty Dolla $ ign, Which, Robert Glasper, Snoop Dogg, and Leon Bridge. As an artist, Martin has consistently published critically acclaimed and trend-setting solo and collaborative projects. Crenshaw’s words Labels Dinner party, A self-titled EP from his supergroup with friends Washington, Glasper, and producer Ninth Wonder, gifted him the most-flowing song to date, “Fridge tag (achievement. Folix), ”A thoughtful reflection on racial profiling and social injustice. Martin explained, “I’m trying to reach out to music fans who understand that the world needs more love and sympathy. Music is a tool to make it a reality.”

The term “prolific” is often used to describe high-output artists but some of his contemporaries survive with adjectives like Martin. In 2020 alone, he released an EP or a live or studio album almost every month in the calendar year. Gray area of ​​Terrace Martin live in Jamjam (January), Synthesis (February), Soul juice (March), Conscious conversation (April); Obstacles (May); His associate EP with the Chicago Paper Rick Wilson, They call me disco (May); Dinner Party Self-Title Project (July), Dinner Party: Dessert (October), a remake and reconsideration of Supergroup’s previous project; And finally, Village days (December).

The ethics of Martin’s work, along with his boundless creativity and versatility, make for an artist whose catalog is not only deep but also wide. Spencer said, “When he’s making it, he’s not really worried, ‘Does it fit into the trajectory of what my marketing team has imagined for me?’ Smith of Crush Music, part of his management team. “For someone else [another artist] Those who are strictly concerned about their profile and making the biggest career [type of release] It may not be ideal but for Terrace, it is a normal part of her story.

Terrace Martin in the studio

Terrace Martin in the studio

Extremely productive and ubiquitous through his collaborations and production work, Chris Music and the Challenge for Martin and his team at Empire turned his omnipresent name into a recognition when he turned his distributor, casual listener, into a high-busy Teresa Martin fan. Martin’s words have already proven to resonate with the audience প্রমাণ the A-list artists he has worked with and the successful projects he has contributed are proof of that কিন্তু but to take him further, his team needs to release his music to a wider audience. Enter Discovery Mode, the Spotify for Artists tool (still in preliminary testing) which helps artists to further enhance their music with their music listeners who have shown interest in similar music and genres.

In October last year, Martin released a new single, “Get people ready, “From Hollywood Records” I Can’t Breathe / Music for the movement Featuring EP Glasper and vocalist Alex Isley, the song is a timely remake of The Impressions 1, a 1965 civil rights song inspired by the mass movement for social justice in 2020. So his team uses his release as an opportunity to invite more listeners to his extensive catalog using Discovery Mode.

1 People Strategically aligned the use of the tool with the October release of “People Ready,” Martin’s team tested its effectiveness by selecting some of the older songs from his catalog in Discovery mode. Since then, Martin and his team have seen a 36.8% increase in Spotify (exposure to new audiences) as a result of Discovery Mode serving its tracks to listeners based on their tastes via Spotify radio and autoplay. “Which gets music to some ears [almost] 40% more people are valued, ”says Smith. Especially for an original and varied artist like Terrace, music will always be our best marketing tool. “

The arrival of new audiences creates a platform for liberation Drones Later this year, Martin described an upcoming album, Crush Music, CMO and head of digital strategy, Daniel Cruchko as his “masterpiece.” “It simply came to our notice then [project] “Now we have all this momentum,” Kruchko said. “With the success of Discovery Mode, it has certainly helped us to increase its presence on Spotify.” As she continues to crank high quality music and uses Discovery mode to attract listeners, Terrace Martin’s name will no doubt be as familiar as her words.

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