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The most terrifying night light show in the magical world of Harry Potter, Hogsmeade in Islands of Adventure, returned on September 18, 2021. This seasonal variation of the Night Night Light Show at Hogwarts Castle is expected to last until October 31, after which the screening show will be screened. take an expected break to switch to the holiday version. According to Universal Orlando, this screening show with some fireworks will run every night from dusk until the park closes.

At the beginning of this program it was canceled or there were not a few nights. On Sunday 19 September it rained due to heavy rain. Wednesday, Sept. 22, didn’t happen simply because the park closed at 6 p.m. Anyone interested in this experience should check the park time and hours closely.

dark arts show

In my opinion, the highlight of this event is the itinerant deadly. The night I enjoyed this show, there were about ten Mortifers. There are several accessories in Hogsmeade that Mortifers can use. There is a small opening ceremony in the staging area. During the evening spooky green lights are added to enhance the arrival of the deadly. Because it is Universal Orlando, there is also fog in the staging area. It worked well mostly because it has rained, at least with little intensity, most nights since this show started. When the Mortifers came out to terrorize the guests, the effects were pleasing. Still, I learned that the undead don’t like the rain, so they don’t go out to play in the rain. While this can be disappointing for guests, there are security issues even in the world of magicians.

After the opening ceremony of the Mortifers towards dusk, they walk through the crowd interacting with the people. Like in 2019, when this was first done, the characters prefer to interact with children. The children seem encouraged to “duel” with the Mortifers defending against the young magician’s spells. It was very entertaining on September 20 when I was able to see several of these prolonged duels happen.

During the roaming of the Death Eaters, there were some special effects set up for the magic to occur. I hadn’t seen it before and they worked really well. I probably could have seen this kind of interaction all night. Death Eaters are an amazing addition but they are also part of the problem.

Photo of Joseph Jacob

The Mortifers tended to stay near the Three Brooms towards the Hogsmeade exit to go to the Lost Continent area. This is because a huge crowd lined up like sardines in a can to watch the screening show. The expected negative for this event is the amount of people and the limited space Hogsmeade has for night light shows.

dark arts show
Photo of Joseph Jacob

While team members do a good job, it’s a crowded area. It was hard for me to enjoy it even before any virus had a short circuit in the world. Crowd management is terrifying for anyone who wants to distance themselves socially. If you’re concerned about being too close to people for more than 15 minutes, this program may be a problem. Maybe you could visit them, see the Mortals, and leave. People will be packed in the Hogsmeade area towards Hogwarts Castle to fill all the available space. I repeat … I mean all the space available!

Screening shows at Hogwarts Castle itself are well done, but they are currently doing two screenings in the evening and one starting after the official closing of the park. I will not ruin the lights. However, if you are afraid of snakes or spiders, be careful. Younger children could easily get scared during this screening program.

There is no terrible display area for this program if you access the display area. However, the best areas to see them are the bridge to Jurassic Park and the area in front of the Frog Choir stage in Hogsmeade. If you plan to see the screening show, you should be there soon. Depending on when it gets dark, you should arrive at least 40 minutes before this time to get a seat. Expect a lot of people to join.

If this sounds overwhelming, you may find a place to see from behind the Three Brooms in the courtyard. The view will not be of the full program, but it may be less crowded.

If you visit Islands of Adventure for more than one night, I would suggest spending a night arriving early to enjoy the screening show. Then you can spend the other night enjoying the Death Eaters ’own experience.

dark arts
Photo of Joseph Jacob

Before you arrive, you need to know about the flow of traffic in and out of the Hogsmeade area. Once evening arrives, you will not be allowed to enter Hogsmeade from the Jurassic Park side. You will need to use the “by-pass” bridge that passes through the Jurassic World VelociCoaster to get around Hogsmeade. Hogsmeade becomes a one-way area with people only entering from the lost continent and exiting towards Jurassic Park.

dark arts

The show is well worth it. If you visit before November, you should add it to your tour plan.

Have you seen the nightly entertainment at Hogsmeade for the Halloween season? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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