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It’s time to say goodbye to Primeval Whirl at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The attraction is officially removed.

Becky has some thoughts: Nooooo … now, if I want to ride something similar, I’ll have to go to the county fair (Note: there is a lot of sarcasm in this answer)

This is where I put this! This week, the Walt Disney plane was found on the property of the Walt Disney World Resort after it had not been seen for a long time. (The last time I remember seeing him was at Disney’s Hollywood Studios).

Julia supported me: Remember before you could see this from the back of Lights, Engines, DHS Action, and so somehow moved to Animal Kingdom? This would have been great and / or baffling to see driven by the property.

There are no words to show my excitement for this upcoming enchanted Muppets mansion. Like … seriously … without words. My advertising level for this is at 11. Watch the trailer and you will come up with your own opinion.

Joe is with me: It looks lovely, I hope it meets our expectations.

Bob also: I’m on board with anything from Muppets.

Speaking of the Muppets, Brett Goldstein, who just won an Emmy for Ted Lasso, did a charity performance where he did Muppets Christmas carol in 6 minutes and it’s amazing.

Joe says: Brett Goldstein is a treasure that must be protected at all costs.

It’s like the Disney Superbowl. Disney + Day will arrive in November and will include 11 Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, The Simpsons, NatGeo debuts and more. What are you excited about?

Jennifer says: I was seriously impressed by the quality of the original Disney + content, enough that when I saw the “bonanza” number my first reaction was to worry that the honeymoon was over and that we were going down in quantity for the quality stage. I actually felt a little relieved to see that a lot of this is so [great!] content that already existed and is being “released” at Disney + or, in some cases, for free. I don’t know that I’ve ever been so happy to see the term premiere used so widely.

Becky agrees with Jennifer: The quality of (more) Disney + content is stellar, but I was disappointed with the quantity and / or release rates. So I hope this one-time bombardment is followed by an increase in production and investment.

Bob is happy with a particular title: I’m glad “Get a Horse” will be available, an absolute gem.

Maybe I did or didn’t do it with my dog, Daisy, but not at a baseball stadium. In Seattle, at a Mariners game, they had one Bark in the park where you could take your dog and they had a Simba camera! It was adorable!

What are you talking about?

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