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New music on Friday : October 30, 2020

New album to listen to:

Top choice

Eels / Elvis Costello / Oneohtrix Point Never / Nothing / Black Stone Cherry / Ane Brun / Busta Rhymes / Black Foxxes / Jim-E Stack / The Flower Kings /

spotify: Album: 2PtZABAnPwyVF8KquMWPnG: Small
Stripe from the earth
Origin : Los Angeles, California, USA
Section : Art Rock, Indie Rock
Elvis Costello
SpotFi: Album: 5HwgDLgmrGk6rXd2UPWIsE: Short
Hey Clockface
Origin : London, England
Section : Art Rock, Punk Rock, New Wave
ONEOHTRIX points never
spotify: Album: 0oGzSazidykcL5XNTEuS9z: Short
Magic Wanohtrix Point Never
Origin : Brooklyn, New York, USA
Section : Electronic, experimental
spotify: Album: 0LKwC9p0PLomstKm9Y0nt3: Short
The Great Dismal
Origin : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Section : Alternative Rock, Post Punk
Black stone cherries
spotify: Album: 66tcdowgLba4lyXlaUE08X: Short
The human condition
Origin : Edmonton, Kentucky, USA
Section : Blues rock, hard rock
spotify: Album: 4CsoXWnATm35jRUCemZxYZ: Short
After The Great Storm
Origin : Norway / Stockholm, Sweden
Section : Electronic, Art Pop
Boosta rhyme
spotify: Album: 7IO9UObUD76ZCLVu3ND7tz: Short
Extinction Level 2: of Wrath of God
Origin : Brooklyn, New York, USA
Section : Hip Hop, Rap
Black Fox
spotify: Album: 5fJbo3PFUNJsWv019N Also: Short
Black Foxxes
Origin : Exter, England
Section : Indie Rock
Jim-e stack
spotify: Album: 0elpfsW5SObWj2BmXLpOwo: Small
Origin : San Francisco, California, USA

Section : Alternate Pop / Rock

Flower king
spotify: Album: 3ISQ5U4NPUt2hCFRPORHDJ: Short
Origin : Earth, Sweden
Section : Progressive Rock

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It’s worth listening to

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spotify: Album: 4eYJzO460ZGaEFNJ4YCizR: Short

spotify: Album: 68yyT6EM81Dnt306e0AEtS: Short

spotify: Album: 3P6u0YQUVULgVFGFH07tgt: Small

spotify: Album: 6k9wfnbloGqfJiKx1nk2C0: Short

spotify: Album: 75xity8o4x6RYQjtVys4LV: Short

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