NEWS: Marvel Files Adapted to Maintain Ownership of Various “Avengers” Characters

It’s been all year for Marvel with a lot of Disney + news and even theatrical premieres.

Former Black Widow billboard at Disney World

But as Disney continues to move toward incorporating the Marvel franchise into parks and streaming platforms, we’ve seen a few different legal cases emerge. Earlier this year, Disney reached an agreement with Sony on the rights to select Spider-Man movies and they are now seeking to resolve another dispute that could result in the total loss of copyright ownership for many Avengers characters.

In accordance with The Hollywood Reporter, Marvel has filed a lawsuit against a multitude of former comic artists and writers in the hope that they can maintain full ownership of many Avengers characters.

Spiderman. Spider-Man

This comes after Steve Ditko (who worked on Spider-Man), Larry Lieber (who was a Marvel writer known for creating Iron Man, Thor, and Ant-Man) and other former Marvel creators recently filed a notice of resolution. by various characters in the franchise.

Iron Man: The Avengers

If you are unfamiliar, a notice of termination is a provision of copyright law that allows “authors or their heirs to claim rights once granted to publishers after waiting for a legally established period of time.” If the notice of termination was received from these creators, this would cause Disney / Marvel to lose theirs full up ownership of the characters (although they may still be co-owners).

Thor and Loki at the Disney California Adventure Avengers Campus

Marvel costumes focus on identifying “who should be considered the legal perpetrator” and believe they would retain some of the rights of these popular Marvel characters (though they should share benefits) if the cases were in favor. of the creators.

Ant-Man © Disney

Of course, this is an ongoing story, so we’ll be sure to offer you the latest updates as more news is made.

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