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At the moment, Olivia Rodrigo is in the driver’s seat and is on a world tour. As of this writing, the 17-year-old singer-songwriter’s single “Driver’s license”Has been at number 1 Global Weekly Top Song List Has set the record for most streams for a song in three consecutive weeks and one week on Spotify. The song also sits on top of Spotify United States Top 50 With over 2 million daily dramas and at No. 1 Global Top 50 With more than 8 million plays daily. That’s all after debuting at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart and setting the record for most streams in a single day for a song without a holiday.

The success of the single is due to several reasons: first and foremost, it is a heartwarming, relatable and interesting pop song about young love and loss; Rodrigo then has a previous fanbase as Disney Starlet (he played Nini Salazar-Roberts in “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series”); Add the song’s virality to social media; Co-stars Taylor Swift and Billy Ilish; Fans’ theory about the story behind its song; And you got the recipe for the first true mega-hit of 2021.

When you listen to the track on the Spotify app, you’ll see three fun-looking California driver’s license looping images piled on top of each other, with Rodrigo’s animated image alternately sad, powerful, anxious, and happy এটি it’s Canvas For “driving license”. As Rodrigo himself imagined, the canvas was also a hit, with over 24,000 Instagram shares in the first week of release (January to January 15) and over 50 million views in the first three weeks. Spotify’s Head of Global Heats Ned Monahan knows that such breakout success only happens once on the blue moon. “Bottle moments of this kind of thunderbolt are rare, but the stars are really assembled for a‘ driving license ’,” he explains. “It’s really a great song that is instantly catchy, heartbreaking and touches on the universal feelings of suburban rage. Canvas is a visual extension of the song’s theme, giving fans another way to give Olivia’s perspective and context to a relatable experience তাই so it’s understandable that it’s well received!

To enliven his vision for the canvas, Rodrigo and Interscope / Geffen worked with art director Dina Hovespian and designer Tim Barstein. “What we were trying to capture was an old-fashioned license, Housepian said, explaining his approach to design.” I’ve used many layers of scratchy filters to create a washed-out feeling on his picture and to create faded text. “(And yes, He confirmed, “License is his original B-Day.”) To further understand the inspiration and implementation behind the canvas, Spotify for Artists asked Barsten, who designed and animated the canvas, about the process.

Spotify for Artists: What role did Olivia play in the creative process of this canvas? What was his input?

Tim Barston: I owe all the creative side to Olivia [Rodrigo]. The label provided the artwork and the original driver’s license design that she used for her single product and Olivia provided some of her own shots for the canvas so she wrote with notes that she wanted to replace the driver’s license photos with the shots she sent. . He said, “Think: Harry Potter, the portrait of talkingAnd I knew exactly what he meant. I then took all the resources [Adobe] Designed after effects and what you see today.

Olivia Rodrigo's Harry Potter-inspired driver's license

Olivia Rodrigo’s Harry Potter-inspired driver’s license

Speaking of visually explaining the song and its lyrics for the canvas, the canvas frame has six looping images in three licenses, were those images created specifically for this? What was the side of the stem for them and what emotion / mood are you trying to capture?

To capture the concept of the song, Olivia wanted to show all of the different stages of a relationship that are over. Forgiving the heartbreak, until finally happy again, he wanted all the stages presented in the six different images of the three driver’s licenses for the canvas of the song.

How did you think about how canvas and solo artwork should be different or work together?

I love that this canvas is different from its concept [single] Artwork and music video – it serves as a creative complement to the song that tells the story differently. Since the canvas concept was different from art and video but still needed to be felt in the same world, I incorporated the subtle elements of music videos and solo art so that they could be visually connected. I was able to do this by overlaying some light purple flares in the background and copying the music video shot in the film. From the artwork, I’ve been inspired by torn paper, Grungier’s feel and vintage coloring and added a bit of degradation to the whole canvas to make it feel a bit more retro.

How long did it take you to get from the idea to the canvas? Were there many corrections?

We started with the first idea in the second week of December [2020]. We sat back for the next few weeks with different ideas and versions before finally sitting down to today’s final version. In the end, we ended the main idea of ​​that second week of December!

& Quot;  Driver's License & quot;  The initial alternative version is Canvas

“Driver’s license” is the initial alternative version of the canvas

What ideas were left on the floor of the cutting room?

We had a few different ideas through which we were working. In one of them, I took the original artwork and created a static image in a vertical canvas format. I then separated the different layers and applied different types of grain, dust, flame, scan lines and film mats to give each layer its own individual movement. In the end, the idea you see now was the most compelling.

How does it feel to know that your work has been viewed or shared by millions of fans at the moment? Have you noticed all the canvas shares in Instagram stories?

Both Spotify and Instagram feel great working on something that has reached the eyes of millions of people. I loved seeing it shared around the world!

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