Quiz: ‘For the record’ this week

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Think you’re up-to-date on the latest in Spotify news, data and trends? Take our quiz to test how well you are following.

D. This week, we launched one Digital experience Dedicated to 90s nostalgic country music, as well as released Spotify singles and streaming data shared who is listening to the genre. True or False: Many fans aged 19-24 listen to our 90s country playlist as fans over 45 years old.

2. Where did Matt Ford And Jack Steele New Inspired unemployed Podcast Conference?

3. Which of the following has helped provide the Spotify original podcast accurately Covid-1 vaccine vaccine information Through the audience’s PSA, the show’s host-readers, or the original editorial content?

4. Spotify wraps “a” in steam (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) A. National Children’s Museum With the introduction of a toe-tapping, family-friendly experience. What is the name of our musical space?

5. Fill in this quote at the end Steve Line, President of EA Games Music: “And give A new one FIFA version Released, we are already. ”

6. This week, selected Spice Girls fans in London were able to get him startedNo. Spice bus experience To celebrate the band’s 25th anniversary. Which Spicy girls The album is their most popular, with 860 million streams and counts?

7. Francophiles, this is for you. Spotify France has announced 13 podcasts are working, Ready for debut all autumn and early next year. This includes the country’s first vodka, which is influential Bilal Hasani, Sulivan Gwed, Sandy Jules, Johan (Aka Sparkdice), And Wesley Creed. What is the name of their new show?



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