Space 220 opens, the Rise of the Resistance waiting line opens, and more major changes from Disney World.

Another week has passed and (as always) more Disney BIG news has been announced or revealed.

Cinderella Castle

Just in the last few days we opened space 220 at EPCOT, received news about the new dining experience at California Grill and more. So what are you waiting for? We delve into the big Disney news this week.

1 – Space 220 has been opened

FINALLY it’s here !! The space-themed restaurant outside the world, Space 220, finally opened at EPCOT this week after years of development.

Space 220

Let’s just say we weren’t the only ones trying to dine there on the opening day. There was a pretty sizable crowd of people trying to jump in the space elevator and look at that futuristic lettuce (we can’t say we blame them!).

Space 220 crowds

Space 220 has a main dining area, a lounge and a bar. If you eat in the main dining area, you can order from the fixed price menu for both lunch and dinner.

Space 220 Seats

We went up to that Space Elevator and LITERALLY ate the whole lunch menu, EVERYTHING on the dinner menu and (oh yes) the whole lounge menu.

Space 220 Lounge Bites

Click on the links above to see our full reviews, take a look at the space elevator experience, take a look at some fun details and more.

Distributed dinner

Space 220 bookings are now open for dates from or after September 27th. Until September 27, this place will be available only on foot. This week we saw that this restaurant used a virtual queue for those places to climb, so it’s important to keep that in mind. Click here for more information on the virtual line process.

Click here to see the best surprise details in space 220, including an astronaut dog.

2 – Virtual queues have been stopped to increase resistance

Last week, the virtual queue / boarding group system stopped at Rise of the Resistance at Disney World. In other words, to mount Rise of the Resistance right now, guests can board the usual waiting line, without the need for any boarding group.

Increased resistance Waiting time

Note, however, that Disney has said that the boarding group system may return in the future or that it may appear from time to time.

Tail of Rise

This week we visited Rise of the Resistance to see what this online waiting experience is like. And we weren’t the only ones trying to get in; the people were quite large in the morning hours.

Lots of strings

But ultimately, the line moved quickly we were able to mount Rise of the Resistance in less than 2 hours. See our step-by-step experience here.

Rise of the resistance line

Want to mount Rise of the Resistance BEFORE Hollywood Studios opens to traditional guests? Click here to find out how.

Click here to see more about what it’s like to ride Rise of the Resistance WITHOUT a boarding group.

3 – Dessert cruises return with fireworks

Of course, you can see the fireworks from Magic Kingdom or one of the nearby hotels. But, if you want a unique fireworks display experience, you can check out one dessert cruise with fireworks! Earlier this week, dessert cruises with fireworks returned to Disney World.

Let’s jump on the boat!

We boarded one of the ferries to see what this returned experience is like, eat all kinds of delicacies (of course) and see how these beautiful fireworks fill the sky.

Complete dessert distribution

Click here to see our full review of this fireworks cruise experience to see if you’d like to do it during your next trip.

Click here for our pyrotechnic cruise review.

4 – The new Fixed Prix menu for California Grill has been announced

We had already shared that California Grill at Disney’s Contemporary Resort would host a special event for the 50th anniversary of Disney World and now we know what will happen at this popular venue. Starting early, California Grill will go on to serve a special fixed menu set in honor of the 50th anniversary.

California Grill

The menu includes items inspired by California Grill’s past and the history of this space, as well as some new items.

Some of the dishes available will be included California Grill Sushi Classics Trio, an oak beef fillet and a Grand Marnier EARidescent souffle.

© Disney

Click here to see when this fixed menu experience will begin.

And click here to see the FULL pricing solutions menu coming to California Grill.

5 – Updates on park attendance and the Delta variant, Disney + Day, Disney + announcements and more

This week, Disney CEO Bob Chapek spoke on a variety of topics during a conference. In terms of park attendance and crowds, shared how the Delta variant has impacted the park’s crowds, especially in August.

Disney World crowds

This week, we also saw a new report showing attendance at theme parks in 2020 compared to 2019. Attendance at Magic Kingdom fell by more than 10 million guests in 2020 compared to 2019, according to the new report.

Click here for more information on what theme park attendance was like in 2020.

When it comes to Disney +, we’ve also received GREAT updates. We now you have the date Shang-Chi will be available at Disney + for free. We also got the Full lineup for Disney + Day.

© Disney | Marvel Studios

If you don’t know, Disney + Day will take place on November 12th, and on that date, new Disney, Marvel and Star Wars content will be available.

Recently, Bob Chapek also shared it the ads could reach Disney + in the future. Click here for more information.

© Disney

Chapek also talked a bit about how Disney will change talent contracts following the lawsuit related to the release of Black Widow.

© Disney / Marvel

We’ll be keeping an eye out for more Disney Day news and other Disney entertainment-related news, so be sure to check back for more updates.

Click here for more information on Disney Day +.

6 – The reopening of a hotel has been delayed

Disney had previously announced the reopening dates of all remaining hotels that are still closed at Disney World. But it looks like some reopening plans have changed.

Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort was due to reopen in December this year, but the reopening of this hotel has been delayed.

All-Star Sports Complex

We will be sure to keep an eye on the news on this.

Click here for more information on the delay in reopening Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort.

7 – 50th anniversary of the GALORE merchandise and more news of the 50th anniversary

We had already seen quite a few 50th anniversary merchandise launched online and in the parks, but with the start of the celebrations just days away, a lot of new items are now available.

50th Crocs

Earlier this week, Disney released 3 new 50th anniversary ears …

It’s time!

… a new Starbucks glass, 50th anniversary reusable bags, 50th anniversary snacks, oh and almost 100 pieces of new merchandise!

A LOT of merchandise!

We also have one check out a bucket of 50th anniversary popcorn this week he is scheduled to return to the parks on October 1st.

Disney World 50th Anniversary Popcorn Bucket

Are you looking for a fun activity with 50th anniversary themes to do at Disney World? Did you know that there is something new 50th anniversary scavenger hunt available?! Click here for more information on how to get involved.

Like the old notebooks!

This week we also learned that, as part of the 50th anniversary, the The electric water contest will receive new scenes! We can’t wait to see this classic show with some new touches.

© Disney

If you’re a fan of the Magic Kingdom welcome show, you’re also pleased to know that the show has the times set for the 50th anniversary. We will be sure to look for more updates in this regard.

Click here for your guide to the 50th anniversary of Disney World.

And that’s all for Disney’s most important news this week. But of course, more stories were shared this week that you’ll want to know. Click on the following links for more information:

Credit: @TheZachRiddley Instagram

Character stars

© Disney || New coconut scene coming to Philharmagic

And that’s all for us in terms of great Disney news this week. Be sure to check back with us for the latest updates.

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